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    2 months ago
    Hello everyone,
    I was browsing Solaris Japan (as I always do) and I found two figures I wanted to buy. I shopped on SJ for a long time (I placed like 20 orders in the last 5 years( and my last one was on April 2021. I never had an issue.
    As I tried to purchase the figures, here comes the trouble. I put my usual address (which is saved in my account... Note, I live in CANADA) and proceed with the purchase.
    I select PayPal as methods of payment... and instead of placing the order correctly, there's a red bard with "not matched" or "the address and postal code do not match" written on it. Needless to say, I've never changed it, so I do not understand what is wrong.
    I tried again re-typing the address manually... and the new error message is "Your Card is declined". That's weird as there's much much much more than the total amount in my savings account... I tried with my credit card just for the sake of it... but still I get the same message.

    Now, is it just me having these problems? I already contacted the their service desk but still no reply from them...
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