MFCDamaged box - keep sealed / open?

  • MaxH3
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    1 month ago
    Heyo, I'm kind of a 'new'-nut, meaning I usually keep stuff sealed / closed if I receive it new. However, I recently got a Makoto Yuki Figma with a damaged box, but still new. I feel like opening it now because there won't really be much of a price difference (collector's won't be as eager to buy due to damaged box).

    The damage isn't too bad , only one side has some kind of bump. What do you guys do with new figures that have boxes with slight - medium damage?
  • Jayceeyej
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    1 month ago
    Honestly i always open up packages no matter what. There can be missing pieces or damaged parts. If you open it up later you can probably not ask for a refund or replacemets from the company.
  • Luxeria
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    1 month ago
    I open them all up and then put them back in box or display them. I don't have much space for my collections so I plan to rotate my figures / nendoroids.
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