Garage Kit Love!!!GK Books : Help translate them?

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    Hello, good afternoon.
    I am writing this here to ask for help as I am a bit desperate and don't quite know where to place it in the forums.
    I recently purchased two garage kit books in Japanese (attached photo), and my idea was to put them as-is into DEEPL so I could translate the text (I know absolutely no Japanese, but I need to translate the books).
    The thing is that the page automatically downloaded the books to the Neowing Ebook Reader application, and it is impossible to get the books from there. I have to capture each page one by one to be able to translate it later individually with the translator, but it is very heavy and I don't have that much time. I also have no idea how to replace the text in the image with English(delete the Japanese and insert the English).
    A person has offered to do the clean-ups for me, so it'll only then be needed someone to translate japanese-english and put it there.
    I would appreciate your help a lot, and, if possible, I would send you the books in .pdf format so you can translate it and share it with the whole community (I spent about 150€ for each book, so it would be free for you).
    Unfortunately I can't contribute anything financially and it would have to be when you have the time and the desire...
    Thank you very much and sorry.

    The books in question:








    Neowing Ebook Reader:


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    Your image links appear to be mostly broken, i think it's split part of the url from the jpg part so the link itself does not work.

    Should be possible to fix them
    I tried one


    put the url in the part that has [url=...]
    so after the = put the url, then just a name inbetween the url tags/marks
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