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    1 month ago
    Rules are on the club homepage!

    Suggest characters or items here. All suggestions will be vetted, thank you!

    Also double check your suggestions are already not linked to this club.
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    Characters I can think of on the top of my head. I included non-human and Western chatacters, if those count. :)

    Steven Universe (ENTRY #180505) Entry is actually on the show instead of the character. But they both share the same name, so I'm not sure if that counts.

    Melony (ENTRY #205923)

    Gordie (ENTRY #205921)

    (ENTRY #190050)

    Jasminka Antonenko (ENTRY #116786)

    Arita Haruyuki (ENTRY #37072)

    Furoshi (ENTRY #147313)

    Gouda Takeo (ENTRY #81435)

    (ENTRY #2876)

    Patrick Star (ENTRY #65429)

    Winnie the Pooh (ENTRY #17534)

    (ENTRY #13773)

    Boss (ENTRY #16622)

    (ENTRY #41201)

    Purin (ENTRY #44736)
  • LittlePisces
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    20 days ago • Updated 20 days ago
    Does this figure count? ITEM #1328661 She's slightly chubby.
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    16 days ago
    ITEM #55483 and the associated character!
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