Nopan NirvanaNopan Nirvana's Photo Challenge #3 - "Bottomless Brunch"

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    Hello members!

    For Nopan Nirvana's third photo challenge, let's host a banquet!

    Theme: Bottomless Brunch
    Photo submission deadline: 29 November 2021

    1) To be eligible, the photo must meet the following criteria:
    * At least one figure in the photo must be displayed nopan (no panty) style.
    * The photo must be user created content (not chan, official, etc).
    * No bootleg figures are allowed.
    2) The photo must fit the "Bottomless Brunch" theme. For example, the photo might include one or more pantyless figures attending a banquet, dining in a restaurant, or a nopan figure shown with various types of food or food-related items*.
    3) To enter, upload your photo to the MFC site, and then link it here in a reply to this thread.
    4) Entries are limited to 1 photo per person.
    5) If necessary, you can change or modify your entry (by editing your reply) until the submission deadline.

    At the end of the submission period, this thread will be locked, and then voting will be opened to allow members to select their favorite entry. The voting will likely run from the 29th of November to the 5th of December. The winning photo will then be displayed on the Nopan Nirvana club page until the next contest ends.

    *update - Note that the food or food-related items don't need to match the scale of the figures. The nopan figures could be posed with normal-sized food or food-related items, or photographed inside a real kitchen, dining room, restaurant, etc. Be creative and show us your ideas for a Bottomless Brunch!

    update - due to a schedule conflict, the close date is being extended. It was November 28th, but, now it is November 29th.
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    I have an entry this time. I think it fits?

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