Precure Collectors[SPOILER] Delicious Party Precure official reveal

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    10 days ago • Updated 10 days ago
    Today, the 19th season of Precure, Delicious Party Precure, has been revealed!


    The character designer this year is Yufu Kyoko.

    And the season starts on February 6th 2022 at 8:30 AM (JST).

    A 1st teaser has been revealed, too:
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    As well as a preview for the OP:
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    Let's discuss!
  • Himecheese
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    10 days ago • Updated 10 days ago
    I love them, they are so pretty!
    I did't wanted mono cromatic (same eye-hair-image color) cures but they look cute anyway; after the low sales of TR they might wanted to play it safe with colors and designs. Was kind of worried they would pull another Blue with that Rosemary guy but He seems more of a silly character then a part of a love triangle.
    Gentle looks totally like a mid-season cure but who knows! She looks cute!
    Mascots are nice, again probably another marketing move to sell more toys, since Mofurun and Healin Animals are still really popular.
    The OP sounds really good, I hope the ED will be the same since I don’t listen to an ED at loop since Miracle Link Ring.

    Overall my favourite as for now is Yui/Cure Precious for the design, I hope she will be a good character!
  • Pahsmina
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    10 days ago
    I can't stop drawing them, their designs are all so fun!! Usually I always fall for the pink designs the most, but Yum-yum has really stolen the spot as my favorite cure this time.

    The opening theme slaps, I love it already. Can't wait to hear the whole thing!
  • Special_Ka
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    9 days ago
    Well, I honestly think it's the first Saga that I don't like ANY Cure. They seems to me that they are too overloaded, and that they repeat the usual pattern.
    And of course if they complained about TR sales, this is not going to solve it, at least in my opinion.
    I've been collecting Merchan since the first Saga ... And I think that with these at most I will cheer up with the Fairies plushies...
  • Migon
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    8 days ago
    I am so excited for this years precure!
    The designs are lovely of all the cures and fairies! <3

    Happy to see Kyouko Yufu as the character designer after their work on Starpri. :)
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