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Let's Split Boxes!(*) Touhou SurPara TF Collection Vol. 3 (Exclusive)

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    (*) = Taken over by Spizzy

    If you're interested, please apply even if the slots are full! We might get doubles or someone might fall out from their end, so it's possible you can get one!

    Please check this post for more information on using a proxy with our club!

    Prices are listed before s/h (both ways). Depending on the store we ordering from and how much we order in one month's shipment, S/H from Japan will usually be very inexpensive per figure. However, please take note of the planned shipping method, as EMS will sometimes be more in the $1 range (or higher) per figure. S/H from me to buyer varies. You can check this post for an idea of costs.


    Touhou Surfers' Paradise Trading Figure Collection Vol. 3 (Exclusive)
    サーファーズパラダイス 東方雅華乱舞 トレーディングフィギュアコレクション Vol.3
    planned purchase at toranoana with EMS via proxy
    payments expected at any time (when proxy order takes place)
    set for a release date of March, 2011
    order limit: None for Pre-order, unknown afterward if in stock/backorder

    ¥756? + ¥324 raffle fee per figure
    includes figure's base price
    discount at 0% (¥7,560)
    may fluctuate with changing rates and sales

    est to get 1 of each figure or more (per box ordered)

    Amount needed to fill for each slot per box: 1 + 3 raffle slots
    Current amount of boxes meeting FULL slot quota: 3
    Boxes ordered so far: 0

    http://toho.surpara.com/img/figure_v3/chirno1.jpg http://toho.surpara.com/img/figure_v3/keine1.jpg
    http://toho.surpara.com/img/figure_v3/medi1.jpg http://toho.surpara.com/img/figure_v3/yuuka1.jpg
    http://toho.surpara.com/img/figure_v3/kisume1.jpg http://toho.surpara.com/img/figure_v3/utsuho7.jpg

      listed from left to right, top to bottom

      Cirno: piratepapillon, setsunyan, Tokunaga, Kattu, DarkestLight
      Keine: Celtic7Guardian, Tokunaga, Suzu, OhnoRaptors
      Medicine Melancholy: Psy00x, Ilvias, Kawashiro-Nitori, Naedix
      Yuuka: Psy00x, piratepapillon, Kibi, kilani, Merleawe, OhnoRaptors
      Kisume: Spizzy, kilani, Celtic7Guardian, Merleawe, Kawashiro-Nitori, Naedix
      Utsuho: Spizzy, piratepapillon, setsunyan, Tokunaga, Celtic7Guardian, Ilvias, Kattu, Miokanii, DarkestLight
      Secret (???): Celtic7Guardian, Tokunaga, Kattu, kilani, Suzu, Naedix, Spizzy

    • Grayed out - Paid for their part
    • Strike out - Received their end
    • Light green - Only interested in certain circumstance

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