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  • Weshzu
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    10 years ago • Updated 9 years ago
    Leave feedback of your past positive exchanges (purchases, sales, trades etc.)

    It would be helpful to provide a short reasoning for your decision.

    And if you gave someone a trusty positive feedback and know they aren't in the club yet, why not send them an invitation? :) club/581/member...

    Use the search function to quickly find an username. If you can't find someone in particular and/or need more advice, try asking in the Questions and Help thread.
  • Weshzu
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    10 years ago • Updated 9 years ago
    People I've dealt with on tsukiboard

    ninth-fast shipping, quick respond very reliable!
    Gasaraki-good communication, was willing to hold for long period until canada post strike reopended
  • Smished
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    10 years ago
    - Tenma
    - Opaline
    - Lesandira
    - Sangtram
    - Singer_Yuna

    - Rainbow-Licorne
    - Singer_Yuna

    - Dinonomscookies
    - Yeili

    All of the above are mentioned for their excellent commincation, notice of shipping/recieving, pricing, packaging, reliable, fast transaction and friendly. I cannot recomend them enough =)
  • escape_rope
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    10 years ago • Updated 10 years ago
    The people I've bought from:
    - akachan03
    A good seller, shipped out my stuff fast. No complaints.
    - Kibi
    A realiable and nice seller <3
    - kilani
    Takes care of the Let's Split Boxes! club's CLUB #350 orders. I've bought so much stuff through the club and everything has went well. Many thanks!
    - Leonia
    Everything went really well. No complaints.
    - mimett
    Listened my requests and protected the figure well for the shipping. Answered PMs quickly.
    - PinkGoggle
    Shipping the figure took some time but she had a good reason. The figure arrived in prefect condition and well protected.
    - PorcelainePriss
    Shipped the figure out fast and listened my requests about the shipping: the figure was very well protected. A very nice seller.

    I don't remember every case so clearly anymore but I can say the people I listed are all reliable and nice.

    I've sold to:
    toxicdemon, julimano, MastraCustom, Calipso, Dragonzigg, Funni_Yamato and Carn
  • 4Arnd
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    10 years ago • Updated 10 years ago
    - Keroro
    Good seller, well packed and good communication.
    - Cupcakez89 thank you again! (how could I get this wrong *hangs head in shame)
    For sending me a freebee (I only paid postage).
    - PorcelainePriss
    Very nice to deal with and was kept informed throughout the transaction.
    - Psy00x
    Figure as described, being kept informed and well packed.
    http://myfigurecollection.net/pics/b/mfc180x80.png . https://en.facebookbrand.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/FB-fLogo-Blue-broadcast-2.png . Twitter .
  • stargazer713
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    10 years ago • Updated 10 years ago
    Based on all the happy buyers in my profile feedbacks list...I nominate myself lol. Just kidding but most if not all of them I would also recommend as good buyers/traders to other people.
  • Lightning00
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    10 years ago • Updated 10 years ago
    -Smooth Transaction
    -Smooth Transaction

    -Was able to work with me through my financial problem and ever lower some prices for me, so great communication. He also ships quickly
    -Quick shipping and reply quickly.
    -Quick reply and shipping. The package was well protected, and came as exactly as described.
  • chapters0
    chapters0Regular Boarder • lv20
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    10 years ago
    seller: PorcelainePriss

    very trustwrothy, and friend service! i recommended her to you guys! there were a couple of figs i wanted and she tried finding them for me! real nice person! go to her for good service!
  • Smished
    SmishedRegular Boarder • lv16
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    10 years ago

    Very smooth transaction and fast payment ^o^
  • PinkGoggle
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    10 years ago
    Seller: Akhrati

    Awesome seller with great communication. Also a good sense of humor which just made the experience better XD
  • Waltz
    WaltzTruly OutrageousRegular Boarder • lv13
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    10 years ago

    Akhrati - he's my bro, super reliable
    Sakura21 - good price, great communication
  • Mia-chan
    Mia-chanねんどろいどが大好きModerator • lv39
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    10 years ago
    Rin_Asano - fast payment and friendly communication
    Krizalid - hassle free transaction!

    itsjustsaul - freebie! Great value for money
    Yumez - well packaged and fast shipping
    kilani - takes care of the Let's Split Boxes! club orders
    Smished - friendly and fast communication
    Haruhiism - very helpful and quick replies
  • Singer_Yuna
    Singer_YunaAll along the Watchtower ♪Moderator • lv29
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    10 years ago
    - kilani
    Takes care of the Let's Split Boxes! club's CLUB #350 orders.
    - Yumez
    My first purchase!! it was well packaged and fast shipping
    - Tenma
    She sent me Tomo nendo in a beautiful lucky star box, and included a freebie hanged up ^^
    - Opaline
    I bought a lot from this sweet lady
    - itsjustsaul
    I only purchased once from him but I owe a lot to him <3<3<3<3
    - Leonia
    I love her doubled Chua Churam. She sold to me some cute and rare figures and I'm very happy with her ^^ And she added freebies! I really loved those DC design Da capo figures, I also collect them!
    - Amidalalove
    I bought a lot of figures from her (including Alice illustrated by POP ALTER's figure) and she added freebies to me ^^ She is so sweet and with fair prices ^^
    - Lylibelle
    I wanted to help in her sale and I hope she will be ok ^^
    - Nelly
    I got her Hazuki ALTER's figure. She sent me photos of the chipped paint and she is a very reliable seller ^^
    She sold it to me her Emiya <3 so glad of it ^^
    - Aya-Kun
    So happy for adopting her Pastel Ink nendo ^^
    - Jero-chan
    I bought from her some of her Kyun chara doubles
    - Rocklee_san
    I bought from him some of his Kyun chara doubles (the ones I didn't got from Jero-chan xD)
    - Suki
    She sold to me one rare figure illustrated by POP
    - Idai
    She sold to me a old Dante Sparda and Sailor Mars chibi
    - kakebuke
    Aaaaaw I recommend her a lot, she included a freebie for me and also was one of my first MFC purchases (three times I got things from her)
    - mondkind
    She sold to me the hugest figure I have in my collection, with a perfect package and a fair price for such a big box...very reliable ^^
    - Slaving_Ape
    I recommend him a lot, I've bought tons of figures from him too. He did two shipments when the original quote was very high.
    - visaga
    I got from him Cocona figure, very reliable seller ^^
    - lyle
    I got from him my first cospa shana, good communication ^^
    - Ciel
    I got two rare artbooks from him, perfect conditions and fair price ^^
    - drakanity
    One of my first sales here too.
    - Reika_Sasaki
    I bought her a GK ^^
    - Raiko
    We got befriends thanks to I bought from him Cyrille figure ^^
    - Maha-chan
    I got her Tsukasa petit, so lovely <3<3<3
    - Nanashi
    She sold to me her entire collection of Disgaea gashapons ^^
    - hinatahyuga666
    He is a very reliable seller ^^
    - hydeist_yuki
    I bought a hello kitty trading arts from her, very fast communication ^^
    - StarshipPooper
    I bought from him my Spider girl ^^ Fast communication, showed me pictures, very reliable.
    - save
    He sold to me my first limited orchid seed figure ^^
    - sencion88
    Very realiable seller and perfect communication, he also showed me pictures from the damages of the box ^^
    - tang
    I got from her a very rare figure. Very friendly and fair prices (but the shipping ate some of my budget but it's ok if figure comes from the other part of the planet

    - Rainbow-Licorne
    I got from her one rare re-ment and I gave to her one rare Clamp chibi and something more I don't remember ^^
    - Smished
    Friendly, fast communication and I traded twice with her!
    - iheartcurry
    Ooooh I never forget this sweet girl and her nekomimis ^^ in exchange I gave her two rare figures ^^
    - 10TonHamster
    I traded my Sasara for two doubled nendos of him, very recommendable ^^
    - Amidalalove
    I traded petit nendos and nendofaceplates with her ^^
    - Gaarapaco
    I traded with him my fate stay night nendos for his older ARIA chibis
    - Idai
    I traded some nendo pieces with her

    I've sold to:
    - Suzu, anime247, Aya-Kun, giuliosama, mazinkaiser, Alice_Makise, Stalking, dcscandal, hydeist_yuki,

    Aaand here finish my list of the deals I've finished here in MFC since 2008... I don't remember every case so clearly anymore but I can say the people I listed are all reliable and nice as escape_rope said before. And sorry if I missed your name ^^

  • Cupcakez89
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    10 years ago
    I'll try to remember everyone @_@


    Jabes- I've sold most of my nendoroids to him, and he is very kind and pays promptly :)

    Stargazer713- Traded with him a while back, very trustworthy :)

    Kamina- Got a freebie figure from me a while back, paid for shipping.

    4Arnd- Also got some freebies from me ^_^ paid for shipping.


    Ashlotte- Very nice, bought a super expensive figure from him, but only charged me $45 :) shipped promptly

    Phil- Shipped out my items quickly, and threw in a freebie :)

    That's all I can remember at the moment *_*
  • alamarco
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    10 years ago
    I've only bought one figure from users here, and it was a positive experience.

    maximimon: Great seller. There was constant contact and every question I had was answered. Everything was smooth and I still have occasional chats with him. Definitely a trusthworthy guy.
  • V-Ism
    V-IsmRegular Boarder • lv15
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    10 years ago
    I've only made 1 purchase so far:

    stargazer713: Figure was in good condition as stated and package arrived fast.
  • PinkGoggle
    PinkGoggleRegular Boarder • lv15
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    10 years ago • Updated 10 years ago

    Great communication and quick payment~ I just need to ship the item out tomorrow XD
  • nicetoasty
    nicetoastyRegular Boarder • lv15
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    10 years ago
    Joining the Stargazer713 fanclub :p No complaints whatsoever. Bought and received a figure a month ago, waiting on a couple more thanks to the Canada Post strike.

    Also had a good transaction with Sakura21.
  • Smished
    SmishedRegular Boarder • lv16
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    10 years ago
    MonocleClaire -

    Good communication, Good prices and listens to ideas =) A very kind seller
  • PinkGoggle
    PinkGoggleRegular Boarder • lv15
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    10 years ago

    jokerdude5720: Good communication and a good overall buying experience though shipment took a bit of a while~
    the figure arrived in tip-top shape and is as described.


    Atticumi: Great communication and quick payment~
    Pahsmina Same as above; fantastic communication and fast payment~
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