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Favorite Pairing?

  • 7%Alvin x Elize
  • 7%Lloyd x Colette
  • 0%Cress x Mint
  • 0%Gaius x Muzèt
  • 4%Asbel x Cheria
  • 4%Luke x Tear
  • 2%Alvin x Guy
  • 9%Jude x Milla
  • 2%Hubert x Pascal
  • 11%Yuri x Flynn
  • 7%ZelosxLloyd
  • 7%Zelos x Sheena
  • 7%Jade x Himself
  • 13%Sorey x Mikleo
  • 2%Asch x Natalia
  • 2%Ludger x Luke
  • 4%Guy x Luke
  • 2%Keele x Meredy
  • 4%Shing x Kohaku
  • 2%Yuan x Martel
  • 2%Zaveid x Mikleo
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    9 years ago • Updated 9 years ago
    Patty is making me rage XD
    They picked my favorite seiyuu to voice her (Chiwa Saito)
    And knowing Namco, and despite how much space BluRays have. They will STILL fail to includ Japanese audio in the game. (That's IF they ever port the PS3 ver in english. It would smart if they did. Because that's so far the only reason I would ever buy a PS3)

    And sorry, but I'm not playing any game where my lovely Chiwa is dubbed over. NEVER.
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