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Everything Black ★ Rock ShooterFavorite BRS series?

Favorite BRS series?

  • 30%Black Rock Shooter OVA
  • 8%Black Rock Shooter manga
  • 7%Black Rock Shooter PSP
  • 30%Black Rock Shooter anime
  • 24%All of the above
  • 96 votes

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  • 11 replies
  • KloikiRegular Boarder
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    • 6 years ago
    • 65
    6 years ago • Updated 6 years ago
    Favorite BRS series? Tell us why! ^^

    The anime for me, better story imo and the character design change doesn't bother me too much.
  • bomhatbecause I'm batmanRegular Boarder
    • No
    • 19
    • 6 years ago
    • 82
    • gotham city
    6 years ago
    I like the manga storyline. I feel like theyre really going with something
  • xxangelchanxxVery Important Boarder
    • No
    • 19
    • 9 years ago
    • 459
    • New york city
    6 years ago
    I read the first volume of the manga,its pretty violent compared to the series,but so far it explained more than the series ever did.
  • AOS-Regular Boarder
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    • 14
    • 6 years ago
    • 249
    • ON
    6 years ago
    xxangelchanxx...its pretty violent compared to the series....
    Sold. *looks for the manga*
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  • Tsukuyomi17Regular Boarder
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    • 8 years ago
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    • Canada
    6 years ago • Updated 5 years ago
    So far it's the anime for me. I loved the game and enjoyed the OVA, but I feel like the anime will have a very interesting storyline. Didn't read the manga, will give it a try.
  • YuirikoRegular Boarder
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    • 18
    • 7 years ago
    • 528
    • Białystok, Poland
    6 years ago
    I didn't really like the OVA, but I'm in love with the anime version ^^
    Yomi is so cute with her glasses~
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  • AmeNekoRegular Boarder
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    • 6 years ago
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    • Oregon
    6 years ago
    I'm not a big fan of the character designs in the manga, but its got a great story line so far, I'm curious as to where they're going with it.

    The game was pretty good, but wasn't long enough.

    The OVA < Anime. The anime has great animation, I'm starting to love the character designs, and its really really enjoyable. Absolutely my favorite~!
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  • GWKirbyRegular Boarder
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    • 6 years ago
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    6 years ago
    I absolutely loved the OVA when I saw it and the anime version is almost as as good. The only problem I have with the anime version is the different design for Dead Master. I don't understand why they put a veil on her! I'll look up the manga shortly, didn't even know one existed.
  • AlphaUltimaRegular Boarder
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    • 6 years ago
    • 25
    • San Jose, CA
    5 years ago
    The veil and the glasses were added. Just to give her more personality I guess.

    I'm conflicted because TV did give more lore and back story to the other world, but I still don't get how yuu/strength aged this whole time.
    Also kohachi was completely underutilized yet is on all the LE artwork.

    My favorite part overall would have to be the OVA when they actually just meet and hang out for a year.

    Also, you all should read black rock-chan, a 4-koma about black rock and strength being chibi and deadmaster looks after them.
  • OtakuAi-chanRegular Boarder
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    • 5 years ago
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    • Fure Fure Planet
    5 years ago
    I loved the manga most because it's full of fighting scene and violent... compared to the anime series I think the story is more focus on Mato and Yomi... while BRS and other were just fighting in other world... But I also love the anime series because of Chariot's appearance ~

    The only thing I love about the OVA because the battle scene is more awesome than the anime series...
  • catvillage66Regular Boarder
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    • 5 years ago
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    5 years ago • Updated 4 years ago
    The anime is definately the best for me. I didn't like the OVA at all, but the anime was amazing. I really loved the story line, and the animation was great, very bright colours and some epic fights scenes. The only thing I didn't like was the redesigns. They didn't look too bad in the anime but I think they look kind of weird in figure form. I wish it had been twelve episodes though, I think it would have been better and then we could have had some more character development. I don't really get why so many people disliked it, it's definately one of my favourites.

    Edit: The redesigns are starting to grow on me.

    Edit: It's funny how tastes change, huh? Really love the new designs more now, lol.
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