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  • NanoZero
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    Favorite Character?

    39%Okabe Rintarou
    41%Makise Kurisu
    8%Shiina Mayuri
    0%Hashida Itaru (Daru)
    5%Amane Suzuha
    3%Urushibara Ruka
    3%Akiha Rumiho (Feiris Nyan Nyan)
    0%Kiryuu Moeka
    59 votes
    9 years ago
    So, which Steins;Gate character is your favorite at the moment?

    For me, it's Makise.
  • AOS-
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    9 years ago
    Okabe.... Suzuha second.
  • escape_rope
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    9 years ago
    Okabe is my top fav.
    But I like Christina and Mayushii a lot too. Daru is a funny guy as well xD

    If I had to pick the characters I like the least those would be Moeka and Feiris.
  • Raiatoh
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    9 years ago
    Okabe might be my fav, but I usually don't pick guys (except for Lelouch), so I'll go with Christinnna~
  • IronFixXxeR
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    9 years ago • Updated 9 years ago
    First vote for Mayuri here!

    Dut do dooo~
  • alamarco
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    9 years ago
    I used to like Okabe the best, but lately Feiris-nyan has been on my mind. She's pretty awesome. :)
  • AcidBeast
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    9 years ago
  • Raiatoh
    RaiatohRegular Boarder • lv12
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    9 years ago • Updated 8 years ago
    I'll change my vote to Okarin. I like his theatrics(?)
  • Bepbo
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    9 years ago
    It's really hard to vote, cause Kurisu and Mayuri are tied at number 1 for me :) I love all the characters too in this show, even Moeka!, though I'm not the biggest fan of Feyris... But consider a vote in every slot from me xD

    But.. since I *have* to choose one... Gotta pick my Assistaint <3 :3
  • Viper-Raindel
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    9 years ago
    Hello, voted for KurisuXD had a hard time choosing over her and mr. mad scientist.hehe but i still picked kurisutiiiiinaXD
  • Matteas
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    9 years ago
    I really like Kurisu a lot, but you cannot go against Steins;Gate's choice, so I just have to pick the mad scientist. He's so cooru, you sonuvabitch. XD
  • Figmaniac93
    Figmaniac93Regular Boarder • lv11
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    9 years ago
    Ruka. I also like Mayuri and Okarin.
  • maes2501
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    9 years ago • Updated 9 years ago
    Okarin gets the vote, but it's really a tie between him and Kurisu. Really I love all the characters though, they're just so well done.
  • smogon
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    9 years ago • Updated 9 years ago
    Okabe definitely. Although Kurisu was a personal tsundere favorite, Okabe is just too unique and his character in the beginning is what really drew me in.
  • icerainxiii
    icerainxiiiRegular Boarder • lv14
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    8 years ago
    I liked just about everyone, but if I had to choose, it would be between Suzuha and Kurisu.
  • bomhat
    bomhatbecause I'm batmanRegular Boarder • lv20
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    8 years ago
    i picked shiina mayuri tho its tied between feyris, okarin and mayushii. i lovee feyris' character design alot, okabes hilarious, and mayuri is so cute.
  • Smey
    SmeyRegular Boarder • lv18
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    8 years ago
    Tennouji Nae, lol.
    I also like Okarin, of course.
  • kyaa
    kyaaRegular Boarder • lv8
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    8 years ago
    Makise of course and poor Daru getting no votes T_T
  • Moomba
    MoombaRegular Boarder • lv11
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    8 years ago
    Makise is now in the lead by one vote!

    Go Makise! I'm also a fan of Okabe, but Makise always wins out <3
  • Vhozz
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    7 years ago
    I also like Okabe and Kurisu, but I LOVE Suzuha *O*
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