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Damaged/repaired/banged-up figmas for sale?

MoroMoro6 years agoFigmAddicts

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  • MoroRegular Boarder
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    • 6 years ago
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    • Geofront
    6 years ago
    Hello my fellow figma fans, I was wondering if any of you have broken, damaged or otherwise imperfect figmas you'd be willing to sell relatively cheap? I'm looking to making some custom figures and so it won't matter as much if the base figure has some damages.

    The fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth
  • JoichiRegular Boarder
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    • 7 years ago
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    • Canada, Toronto
    2 years ago
    I know this was several years ago.. but if anyone is looking for damaged figma?

    I have a Figma of Saber which 2 of her hand part joints broke: ITEM #172 I'm willing to accept offer prices.
    My sites: sweetandcharmingart.etsy.com | joichii.tumblr.com
  • Kirito_Kun2Regular Boarder
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    • 2 years ago
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    • Texas
    2 years ago • Updated 2 years ago
    I need a figma Miku 2.0 wings! I broke mine and now I'm pretty sad about it! I've tried gluing but the it only broke again! AHHHHHHH!
  • AvolionRegular Boarder
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    • 4 years ago
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    7 months ago
    I might actually sell my Reimu Hakurei figma if i don't find a replacement teacup since she is getting a newer Nendoroid im a bit interested in.
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