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  • kuuuma
    kuuumaRegular Boarder • lv16
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    11 years ago
    Has anyone ever ordered from there? I'm tempted. They have a flat rate shipping, which isn't expensive at all.
    I saw that they have this doll, pullipstyle.com...
    as does AmiAmi, but for much cheaper * n *

    Ohhh so tempted~~

  • Muntoe
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    11 years ago
    I've never ordered from them but I know this website is what a lot of Pullip collectors use, so it's definitely legitimate.
  • Joichi
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    11 years ago • Updated 11 years ago
    Same with Muntoe, alot of Pullip collectors seem to trust Pullip Style and ... tend to 'brag' that they got cheaper prices than me ^^; (those fans were kinda blunt) but thanks for sharing, I'll take a look at that too, I'm waiting for a price drop on Docolla Kyubey XD
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  • kuuuma
    kuuumaRegular Boarder • lv16
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    11 years ago
    I see~ I want that Romantic doll I talked about earlier, but she comes out in December. Worst month of the year! D:

  • Snowcandy
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    11 years ago
    I've not used it before but I certain can vouch for that site. :3

    I used to collect Pullip dolls and did consider ordering from that site, but in the end it was cheaper for me to purchase secondhand Pullips locally. If there was a doll that I like for preorder, I would have gotten it from PullipStyle. :)

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