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    A small personal review about NY services:

    - NY squeeze your order in the smaller possible carton box they have (usually recycled), wrap the item with a single layer of bubble wrap, rarely add extra protection. This is something to consider when you live in the other side of the world, like me.

    - NY always bill you a higher shipping cost. For example, last purchase I did was 3100 yens shipping for SAL Small Packet. The package label says it costed 1690 yens. (worth asking a refund?)

    - NY often have the best prices for items, but the shipping may null it comparing to other stores like Hobby Search and AmiAmi (when the item is sold widely, not an exclusive).

    Basically I shop at NY for two and two reasons only:
    - Get exclusives;
    - Use Ferry International for large items.

    If you weight the shipping costs compared to other shops that gives you a way better packaging service, it worth paying a little more to get your item in one piece.
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