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Kirisame Marisa Fan ClubWhat you like about Marisa.

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  • AOS-Regular Boarder
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    • 6 years ago
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    6 years ago
    What do you folks like about Marisa? What got you interested? What triggered it?

    For me, it had nothing to do with the game, or anything of Touhou.
    2 months ago, I was creating avatars for a whole bunch of members on a forum I frequent, halloween was coming up so I started looking for pictures with witch hats to tack on their avatars to be cheesy, humourous and cute at the same time. I came across this one badass illustration of her, looking all evil and stuff. So I memorized her name for future image searching, not knowing where she was from.

    A few days ago, I find more artwork that looks extremely like that one illustration. The style was definitely the same, found out the artist's name was Banpai Akira, who does amazing watercolour illustrations btw, found numerous illustrations of Marisa and was sold.

    I'm not even into Touhou itself, I'm totally in love with said artists' works for the game "Koumajou Sensetsu", also known as Touhouvania...

    I love evil faces for some reason.

    That's my story. What's yours?
    Murderface Enthusiast.
  • ClayRegular Boarder
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    5 years ago
    I played few touhou games and I've never finished one of them, but I like Marisa because I love her animations in the fighting game. When I play Imperishable Night I always use her. Moreover, she's a blonde witch with a hat and a bromm. What else?
  • piratepapillonVery Important Boarder
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    5 years ago
    Marisa is just plain mean sometimes and I love that. She`s a main character yet she started as a villain and it sometimes really shows in how she talks to people. She`s also so bloody weird. The girl knows how many times she`s eaten bread and she`s memorized all the numbers of pi. Every game you just can`t wait to play Marisa`s story because you never know what crazy shit she`s going to say.

    As a playable I like her power and speed and of course Master Spark :D
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