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Mobile Suit GundamGunpla top picks!

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  • citrusVery Important Boarder
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    • 5 years ago
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    5 years ago
    What are your favourite models? I think it'll be helpful for newcomers to the hobby to have some sort of recommendations list. I'll update this post to include everyone's suggestions. Feel free to discuss if anything should come off of the list, too.

    My favourite models in Master Grade are Gundam Ver. OYW, Victory Ver. Ka, and Zeta Plus C1. Of the three, though, the only one that I can fully recommend is Gundam Ver. OYW, because Victory is, according to some, too fiddly and complicated (even though I like it just fine), and Zeta Plus is a bit old, so it doesn't have the best QC (mine had some trouble with parts moulding and fitting). The good thing, though, is that they're all relatively cheap.

    In High Grade, my favourites are O Gundam, OO Gundam, Zaku I, Ground Gundam, Adele, and Genoace. These models are all pretty simple, but they're incredibly well designed. They're all probably also the most dynamic and articulated models of their respective lines.

    What are your favourites?
  • stargazer713the 0th Mirage KnightVery Important Boarder
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    • 7 years ago
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    • デルタ・ベルン
    5 years ago
    MG Sinanju, maybe not beginner friendly, but it is one of the best master grades out there.
  • itsame00Regular Boarder
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    5 years ago
    My favorites :D

    LIST #8308 - I own.

    LIST #8331 - I want.

    Right now though, I really wish I have an Infinite justice, an Age-2, an Exia (Ignition mode) and a Kshatriya. MGs of course, too bad there's none for Kshatriya :{
  • Keripo「ケリポ」Very Important Boarder
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    5 years ago • Updated 5 years ago
    My Gunpla collection (which recently exploded in size thanks to a trip to Japan):
    After Colony Gundam (Wing): lists.php?sort=...
    Cosmic Era Gundam (SEED) list: lists.php?sort=...
    Universal Century Gundam (original, Unicorn): lists.php?sort=...
    Wishlist: profiles.php?so...

    PICTURE #443840 are the only ones I've built so far, rest are in boxes (and to be worked on over the next few months)

    Favourite gunpla built so far is the HGUC RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode) ITEM #18563. Although initially not a fan of the model, I found the building process was so complicated (due to all its bursted out parts) that I actually gave up trying to figure it out and ended up opening up the instructions manual.

    Favourite gunpla to admire will probably either be the MG Deathscythe Hell Custom ITEM #51449 or the PG Wing Zero Custom ITEM #17339. Huge Gundam Wing fan and love Deathscythe Hell Custom, but the PG Wing Zero Custom might end up outshining those black wings.

    Favourite gunpla to build will probably be the MG RX-0 Full Armor Unicorn Gundam (Ver Ka) ITEM #81153 due to the ridiculous number of parts that'll be in it. Not to mention the superior plastic quality considering how new it is in the manufacturing line.

    Favourite gunpla to display will probably end up being the MG Strike Freedom (Full Burst Mode) ITEM #8336 due to its elaborate display of guns and space-taking-up-ness. Still not fully convinced it was worth the ¥6000 I spent on it but we'll see when it gets built.

  • RaiakngihtRegular Boarder
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    • 5 years ago
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    5 years ago
    I'm rather partial to my HGUC RX-78-2.

    I want these: LIST #8819
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  • RehomeRegular Boarder
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    • 5 years ago
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    5 years ago • Updated 5 years ago
    So Far My favorite Kit is the MG Zeta White Unicorn Ver. ITEM #22553 But it might change once I get my hands on the MG Nu Gundam Ver. Ka. LOL
  • katsudonPlay-Along TsukkomiRegular Boarder
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    4 years ago
    I love, love, LOVE my HG 1/144 Strike Noir. (Unfortunately, the wings are really loose now so I can't pose it like I used to) Though I really like the simplicity of the HG 1/144 Unicorn Gundam. (Destroy Mode, of course)
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