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    Hmm, it's been pretty quiet in this forum hasn't it. So I thought I'd add a little information about some going ons in the Figure Photography Community on Google+

    We have a weekly #figurefridaychallenge photography event which is simply a way for people to take pictures of their figure around a specific topic. This week, the challenge is to use Water. You can read more about it here: goo.gl/RKDOj7

    Also at the end of the month, we hold an event where people can just come by and contribute their pictures and see what others have been up to. You can check that out here: goo.gl/yBvAHr

    We sort of do this on a weekly basis anyway through the community (goo.gl/St4Kk), but we just turn it into a formal event at the end of each month. For a list of previous challenges, you can take a look here: goo.gl/6nZZG

    So if any of these interest you, feel free to stop by and take a look, comment, +1 some things, or even contribute your own works.

    There's also a MFC Club located here where I make the weekly challenge announcements: goo.gl/aHnlpZ

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