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Kantai Collection!What if Kantai Collection was made by 4kids?

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    Have you ever heard of 4kids that "anime" company who made bad dubs and stupid edits to ruin the anime.
    what if 4kids got Kancolle.
    I made list of fake edit if ever get kan colle.
    Akebono wont be call the admiral you s***** admiral instead she be call him you stupid admiral.
    Ryuujou Kanzai accent will be changed to a southern USA accent also Ryuujou breast evny will change to she can to full battle with the big girls because shes young and RJ age will 8.
    Houshou Restaurant will be a sweet shop.
    Shimakaze's outfit will longer and rensouhou chan will do his own corner called rensouhou's corner than tell us owr lesson for today.
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