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Bootleg FindersWhat bootlegs have YOU bought?

Ever bought a bootleg?

  • 8%I\'m not sure about one figure...
  • 24%no
  • 67%yes
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  • LilSeebsRegular Boarder
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    • 10 years ago
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    9 years ago
    Just curious to see what people buy.
    If also, post the reason? (Price, to customize, didn't know)

    I'll start. My one and only bootleg would be a Nendoroid L (now named FaiL for those who follow my blog.) sold to me by gordanlamlam, bought because of price. (I found out that it was a bootleg 2 hours after I ordered it too...)
    Alphose Elric for the love :3
    Yo hablo español
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