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Bootleg FindersWhat bootlegs have YOU bought?

Ever bought a bootleg?

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    9 years ago • Updated 9 years ago
    When I was younger I did buy some bootlegs (those little keychains and Lucky Star Petits), but somehow I also managed to find legit figures as well. O_o I wasn't sure about what they are until I ended up working for an anime store that sold bootlegs and stuff lol, but luckily all their real figures (like nendos in boxes and figmas) were real. It's only those keychains and stuff that are ripoffs, but still it's bad to sell the stuff.

    He was struggling to make a living with his new family and was risking a business in America or else he'd have to move back to Korea, so I forgive him. I hate bootleggers that are sitting nice and cushy in their home countries though making a living off of people's ignorance and mistakes. D<
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