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  • Startlefish
    StartlefishRegular Boarder • lv4
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    12 days ago • Updated 5 days ago
    Looking for the FairyTale-Another Little Mermaid.

    Edit: obtained!
  • AnubizOtaku
    AnubizOtakuRegular Boarder • lv4
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    10 days ago • Updated 10 days ago
    Looking mostly for nighthag lilith or little mermaid in good condition at good price.
    Located in US
  • kupchr
    kupchrRegular Boarder • lv6
    Online6 replies
    5 days ago
    Looking for Kylin Zhang I'm from California USA. Preferably under $225 as I can find him for this price.
  • sahzi
    sahziRegular Boarder • lv4
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    4 days ago
    I'm looking for the Onmyoji Ootengu Jr. figure, if anyone is selling him please notify me! thank you.
  • AproposofNothing
    AproposofNothingRegular Boarder • lv4
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    4 days ago
    Looking for Yaoguai. If you're interested in selling lmk thanks!
  • FrozenHeavens
    FrozenHeavensRegular Boarder • lv4
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    2 days ago
    Looking for Seele Vollerei and Raiden mei (maybe some of the iron saga figs and A-Z S
    Let me know if you are selling either of them!
  • Ashers
    AshersRegular Boarder • lv8
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    2 days ago
    Looking for Raiden Mei, located in the US ♥
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