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  • Zhuimeng
    ZhuimengRegular Boarder • lv6
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    21 days ago
    Selling some myethos figures, shipping is included in the price and only available within the U.S.

    Mermaid (New)-$310 Shipped, $20 extra if you want the bonus tapestry

    Su Jiuer (New)-$280 Shipped

    Lilith (Opened/no postcard)-$300 Shipped

    Raiden Mei (New)-$300 Shipped
  • klavaro
    klavaroRegular Boarder • lv3
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    20 days ago
    Looking for Little Mermaid (preferably in EU / international is an option too)
  • PlatoG
    PlatoGRegular Boarder • lv13
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    17 days ago • Updated 17 days ago
    Selling BNIB Little Mermaid for 470 singapore dollars (~350 usd/295 euro) including international shipping and paypal fees
  • miinqui
    miinquiRegular Boarder • lv8
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    16 days ago • Updated 14 days ago
    Hello, I’m selling an opened Alice but with some discolouration on her coat tails. Her box is in good condition. Willing to go low because of this, PM me for offers or images. :)

  • atimidtempest
    atimidtempestRegular Boarder • lv12
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    15 days ago • Updated 8 days ago
    Selling BNIB Stardust!


    Let me know if you need better pictures, I just didn't want to remove her from her original shipping materials to preserve the box.
    Golden Kamuy Anizukin - thread/17601
    Nendoroid #1491-DX Okita Souji and #1534 Ogata - thread/17604
  • Lien
    LienRegular Boarder • lv15
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    15 days ago

    I'm selling my Little Mermaid figure for € 220,- .
    Both the figure and the box are in perfect condition.
    She has been displayed in a glass case

    buyer pays paypal fees.

    I'm located in the Netherlands.
    I prefer to sell within Europe but I'm also able to ship internationally.
    shipping to most EU countries is 11,- EUR.
    Shipping in the Netherlands is 6,95 EUR.

    some pictures:

    send me a message if you're interested :)
  • Kimhuat_00
    Kimhuat_00Nezuko wo mamoritai~!!!Regular Boarder • lv12
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    13 days ago • Updated 13 days ago
    Selling an excellent condition Tushan Yaya from Mytheos at USD 290 (included free EMS Priority air shipping, and I absorb the PP fees). Pm me for discussion. From Singapore.

  • sereinjpg
    sereinjpgRegular Boarder • lv6
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    13 days ago
    Anyone selling Lilith in US? :)
  • soofyx
    soofyxRegular Boarder • lv12
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    13 days ago • Updated 11 days ago
    soofyx27 days ago#93940637Stardust and Night Hag Lilith sale
    Selling my Stardust and Night Hag Lilith with the bonus acrylic and postcard!
    €310 Stardust - Only taken out of the box to make pictures, has the plastic wrapping still around her. She's authentic and has the original box and instruction manual. imgur.com/a/4xp...
    €300 Night Hag Lilith - In a good condition, only taken out of the box once. She's authentic, has the original box, instruction manual, bonus acrylic and postcard. Pictures: imgur.com/a/fE9....
    I ship worldwide. Shipping in the Netherlands is free.
    Please send me a dm if you're interested or if you have any questions ^w^

    Changed the price of Lilith to €290 + free shipping in Europe. Shipping to the US is only 15 euro (17 usd).

    Changed the price of Stardust to €300 + free shipping in Europe. Shipping to the Us is only 15 euro (17 usd). The Stardust is only taken out of the box once and still has the plastic wrapping around her! The Stardust is sold
  • Mistfire
    MistfireRegular Boarder • lv7
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    12 days ago • Updated 12 days ago
    Selling Kings of Glory - Wang Zhaojun for $150 + shipping, selling this figure within the US! Both the figure and the box are in excellent condition. Opened but only to check for quality; never displayed.

    PM if you have any questions!
  • dragonbunnymoon
    dragonbunnymoonRegular Boarder • lv4
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    11 days ago • Updated 10 days ago
    Hello, really looking for the A-Z: B figure, happy with new or good condition preowned. Would love to hear from anybody willing to sell me her. Thank you.
  • Free_Phi
    Free_PhiMeta-Sentient Cyber-ImpRegular Boarder • lv15
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    4 days ago
    I have a BNIB Lily Wine that I’ve decided to part with.

    Contig. U.S. only; buyer pays shipping.

    I’m looking to clear $290, but will entertain offers.

    PM me if interested.
  • Kria15
    Kria15Regular Boarder • lv4
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    4 days ago
    Hello! Looking to buy either Alice or White Rabbit if anyone is interested in selling! Located in the US. PM me if offering!
  • autumnmoonphase
    autumnmoonphaseRegular Boarder • lv6
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    2 days ago
    Kria154 days ago#95062459Hello! Looking to buy either Alice or White Rabbit if anyone is interested in selling! Located in the US. PM me if offering!
    I believe the White Rabbit one is still available on Solaris Japan new!
  • Free_Phi
    Free_PhiMeta-Sentient Cyber-ImpRegular Boarder • lv15
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    11 hours ago
    sereinjpg13 days ago#94656561Anyone selling Lilith in US? :)

    I have a BNIB Lilith that I’ve decided to sell. $290.

    I also have a BNIB Lilywine for the same price, and I’m willing to give a discount on the pair!
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