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  • metaldeerRegular Boarder
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    8 days ago
    So, maybe Pyra this month??

  • cfxRegular Boarder
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    7 days ago
    metaldeer (8 days ago) #45123866So, maybe Pyra this month??

    Hehe. I think it'll be interesting to see if she makes it. If I recall, she was one of the first figures GSC gave the one-year preorder period presumably because of how far they were behind at the time. So maybe she won't be delayed, or only for a month if so.

    Jiiyawn (8 days ago) #45120767That's my fear with dynamic figures, the leaning. But even ones with static poses are prone to leaning. There's the question of adding more clear support rods, but thats even more clutter to the fig and sometimes it feels more wobbly if anything.
    Nonetheless this Miku looks great like all her figs, the chord looks like it would drive me crazy if I didn't loop it right.

    I tend to avoid the figures that look like a leaning disaster waiting to happen but I liked this one too much plus it is Miku. Otherwise I try not to think much about it or I'd not buy any figures probably. For what we have to pay for them it's difficult to consider they may have a somewhat short life before they become unusable.

    Yeah if I can't get that wire to look smooth without kinks it'll drive me crazy I'm sure.
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    7 hours ago • Updated 7 hours ago
    Nothing for me this month, but I received my Harvest Moon Miku ITEM #604409.


    She is so beauty and has this calm smile that almost comfort you. Her base is simple but have some nice pattern, I really like it.

    She is top quality, what you expect from GSC and I have to add that I personally didn't have any problems, neither putting her in the base or with the fan (that appears to cover more of her smile in some).

    Really happy with her.

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