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    9 months ago
    ney10 months ago#72330113So ok, merging has been done (but not finalized for some characters apparently), but what about aliases ?

    Merging is still in progress, there was also the question raised about the prototype entries and the biggest entry saber is not touched yet, though i cleared of Nero/saber Bride just now.

    What do you question about the aliases?

    Saber Extra/Nero is an example where i obligated the full name as the main one since i have not seen any merchandise refer to her as more then Nero Claudius.
    No idea if the way the aliases are listed there could be some starter for you?
    I'm sure it was Adamska who i've seen editing an entry with japanese readings behind the name without the , which is usually put there.
    This puts the romaji and the japanese writing on the same line instead of having everything listed separate which also streches the alias quite a lot.

    The most important thing is applying of the tags actually.
    Which we need to guide people to this thread and also pointing them out that they should do this for created entries.
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    2 days ago
    Another Altria for the list?

    ENTRY #208784

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