Wonderful WonFesAs usual, my proxy service for WonFes 2018 Winter!

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    I Am Offering Limited Proxy Spots From My Own Order! :)

    NOTE: If you want to make sure I see a reply, PLEASE send me a PM as well, I'll try to periodically check the replies section here but because of the fact that I don't receive notifications of replies on the forum I'll sometimes miss them.

    So, it's almost time for Wonder Festival once again! (Well, soon-ish, considering February 18th is about a month away!) I've offered this service to MFC members three times now, and I've done Treasure Festa as well. Several members from the last three WonFes orders are joining up again. I'm going to offer this service again, first come first served!

    My proxy will be joining Wonder Festival, and I have some slots open for interested members. Please note between proxy fees, item fees, and shopping fees, your average 10000yen garage kit comes out to around $300 USD in total (plus domestic shipping from me to wherever you happen to be in the world) when all is said and done. Use this as a baseline to decide whether or not you can afford it. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.

    Here is the breakdown:

    -- (???) Base kit price, please use direct yen to USD conversion for this, I don't want to have to keep track of fluctuating yen prices, that would add an impossible layer of complexity to an already complex situation. What I mean is 10000yen=100USD, 17560=176USD, so on and so forth.

    --105USD shopping deputy per-item collection fee

    --25USD fragile per-item shipping and packaging fee from deputy to proxy within Japan

    --40USD per-item proxy fee (Please note that the proxy and the shopping deputy are two different entities, the proxy is not going to the event, his shopping deputies are, and this is what the proxy charges per kit.

    --30USD fragile international shipping fee (What happens is my proxy sends each kit individually in a large, padded box via EMS, since there has been some issues in the past with breakage when they're all packed together, even carefully) to me (the proxy will not be taking individual addresses for this part, so it's unavoidable, I do apologize)

    --However much domestic shipping is from me to you. Unless you're getting an exceptionally large kit, a Medium Priority Mail Box should fit 99% of kits, and it's $14 flat rate within the US, $65 flat rate abroad (+ extra for insurance if you want it). Everything is tracked door to door.

    --Paypal transfer fees (please use this calculator to figure out your fees! [thefeecalculato...])

    --Note: All of this is 100% refunded in the event that your kit is sold out before the deputy can get to it.

    (Yes, I know this is expensive. It's why I've been saving for 6 months and basically cutting my figure ordering down to almost nothing. As usual I'm planning on getting a LOT of kits this Wonfes! But please keep in mind before making a "omg so much!" type comment that these are garage kits, sculptors make between 50-200 units on average (sometimes even less) and that is it, and they are available for one crazy busy day and then they're done, unable to be gotten via other channels. These are not like buying a PVC mass produced figure from Ami Ami.

    I am in the process of securing multiple shopping deputies. All have extensive Wonder Festival experience, and one of the reasons their shopping fees per item are so high is because they will RUN to each booth, Japanese politeness be-damned. They've also been paid (by me!) to sit in line for 3 hours early, so they'll be ready to snatch up the kits! The ONLY fees you pay are for YOUR item and YOUR item only. I make no money off of this endeavor, and I only offer people spots because I want to share in the glory of getting garage kits!)

    I am NOT selling anything, nor making any sort of financial gain off of this (I'm LOSING money actually, haha, Wonder Festival is hell on the wallet! OTL). I'm just extending the offer of a slot to anyone who wants to join for a chance to get a kit of their choice.

    The only money I expect to be paid is for your own individual item and the fees associated with it outlined above, I have already paid the deputies for their time and service, and paid the proxy (who is a friend of mine who is offering graciously to do this for me!) his base price for his time and service.

    I just want to put out feelers, to see if anybody is interested. Please note that I'll be able to take a grand total of 2 of each garage kit due to the limits of 1-2 kits per customer many, many garage kit sculptors impose on their work, so I may need to turn some people away if there is repeats of kits. This is especially likely if you're looking for Touken Ranbu kits, because both myself and the people who already joined up with me this year are all getting TR kits. Feel free to ask though, I always try and do my best for everybody! <3

    FAQ Portion:

    1. "But how do I see what sort of kits are available for purchase at WonFes? MFC is alright, but it has a lot of holes in it's collection since it's a system where users need to add an entry, and not automatic!"

    Glad you asked, imaginary MFC member! Your best bet to get the most accurate coverage of what will be available is to do these six things:

    Check the twitter tag for WF2018W: [ twitter.com/has... ] and the more general "WonFes" tag [ twitter.com/sea... ].

    Sift through the two tags on this site: [ fixia.jp/search... ] And this is the more general tag that often catches things that the "WF2018W" tag misses: [ fixia.jp/search... ]

    Search fg-site with the following tags: [ www.fg-site.net... ] and [ www.fg-site.net... ]

    And, to supplement, do give the MFC database a look-through, search by "Garage Kits > Addition Date > Newest".

    2. "About how long does all of this take?"

    Well, I'll usually know within 24-48 hours of WonFes whether or not your kit has been able to be obtained, hopefully even sooner than that. If in the event that I don't get a kit, I should be able to refund you within a week.

    If you're asking about when you'll see your kit, it usually takes a little under a month to a month and a half or so at the very latest before everything reaches my doorstep. Everything needs to be packed up on the proxy's end after the kits reach him, then gets sent out to reach me, and finally I'm able to pack everything up, and get it sent out. Times for this are just approximate, however I will say last time I was actually able to get it out in a shorter amount of time than the dates quotes. :)

    Please ask any questions you may have that aren't covered here, and I'll be glad to answer them!
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    I tried sending you a PM, but your inbox is full...

    Please PM me once you've cleaned it out a little :o
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    Victory31142 years ago#30900678I tried sending you a PM, but your inbox is full...
    Please PM me once you've cleaned it out a little :o

    Just making a note here that I sent you the PM! You replied so you obviously know that haha, I just want to be clear I am trying to read the replies here as well, but obviously PMing me is the way to go for instant responses.
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