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    6 months ago
    From: Participant

    Thread: Tokyo Revenger Puppela Mascot Tiger Ver.

    Rating: Positive

    Comments: Noctisty was a great host! The go was well organized and communication was prompt and informative. The items arrived safely and very well packaged. The entire experience was enjoyable.
  • Celtic7Guardian
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    5 months ago
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    Thread: Suruga-ya GO: Jan 2020
    Sales & Leftovers
    Rakuten Toy Santa GO 06/2020
    Suruga-ya Group Order: Nov 2020
    Pokemon Center JP GO: Aug 2021
    Suruga-ya Group Order: Oct 2021
    Genshin Impact Pearl Acrylic Collection

    Rating: Positive

    Comments: Apparently I hadn't made a post earlier, so I'm rectifying that now! I've been in a lot of noctisity's splits and all of them have been wonderful. Each of them has had clear and prompt communication along with well packaged items. I also appreciate how friendly noctisity is and always look forward to participating in these splits!
  • Sarukah
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    4 months ago
    From: GO Participant
    Thread: thread/18149
    Rating: Positive
    Comments: More than perfect host! Everything beautifully packaged with stickers and a nice note. Even went above and beyond for me for something, I'll appreciate that forever T_T
  • harpey
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    3 months ago
    From: Participant


    Rating: Positive

    Comments: Amazing host, accommodated requests and always kept updated on order statuses.
  • jestersparade
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    3 months ago • Updated 1 month ago
    From: Participant

    GI Vision Capsule Keychains (Mondstadt)
    GI Chibigurumis (vol. 3)
    GI Oyasumi Acrylic Strap

    Ratng: Positive

    Comments: super kind + amazing host!! was responsive and helpful when it came to letting know about delays & was patient w/ me when it came to a problem on my end on one of my first times joining. my items were shipped safely & quickly! ^___^
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  • lotus
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    2 months ago
    From: Participant
    Thread: Suruga-ya Group Order: October 2021, Genshin Impact Capsule Rubber Straps vol.4, Genshin Impact x Sweets Paradise Group Order, Genshin Impact Rubber Straps Vol.5
    Rating: Positive
    Comments: noctisity is a wonderful host, very accommodating, considerate and always communicates clearly whether it comes to updates, delays or invoices. They were willing to hold my items so I could ship everything together, which was very much appreciated. I also bought a few items for friends, and there was no problem to have them shipped to them separately. All in all very satisfied, would definitely join more of their splits and GOs!
  • icerainxiii
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    1 month ago • Updated 1 month ago
    From: Participant

    Threads: <CLOSED> Genshin Impact Oyasumi Acrylic Strap & Genshin Impact Capsule Figure v1,2 + Strap v2

    Rating: Positive

    Comments: Wonderful host, very kind, understanding, and helpful! Great communication, especially when asked questions or just providing updates/very informing to all participants. Shipping was fast and everything was very neatly and well packaged. Thank you so much! Would definitely participate in noctisity's splits and GO's again if ever looking to do so!
  • Seiki
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    1 month ago
    From: Participant

    Thread: Genshin Impact Capsule Rubber Straps vol.5

    Rating: Positive

    Comments: I've participated under Noctisity's GO's a number of times now for the Genshin Rubber Straps (as can be seen below), and am always thrilled to do so. Things are handled incredibly professionally and swiftly in the most polite manner possible. Items always come quickly and safely with friendly notes thanking for participation. Simply a joy to work with and I will absolutely be joining in again for the next set of straps.

  • Carraway
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    10 days ago
    From: Participant

    Thread: [USA*][noctisity] Miso's Art Shop GO: Nov 2021: thread/18194

    Rating: Positive

    Comments: Thanks for the fast shipping and well-packaged items. I look forward to joining their future GO.
  • p3p3ron
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    10 days ago
    From: GO Participant
    Thread: <CLOSED>[USA*][noctisity] Miso's Art Shop GO: Nov 2021
    Rating: Positive
    Comments: Amazing host! All of the information for the GO was super clear, they kept everyone updated when the artist had shipping delays. Packaged everything very safe and with cute stationary, and shipped out quickly. Will definitely be joining future GOs!
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