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  • AlexChamaRegular Boarder
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    12 days ago
    Jingobean (12 days ago) #44808405Can anyone tell me about their experiences with late payment / getting a payment extension etc? Will adding an item to my order after the invoice has been sent reset the payment deadline from when the new invoice is sent?
    I haven't gotten the payment request yet,but considering all items in the order are instock,I'm expecting it to come in early Monday morning (JST).I had multiple orders this month,and received invoices for the other 2 on Friday,and unfortunately the shipping for one of them was WAAY over what I'd estimated & budgeted for,which leaves me short of cash to pay for the last order.I'll be getting paid Dec 10,so will def be able to pay for the order,but (assuming they'll send the invoice Monday morning) with the time difference it would be deposited to my account several hours after the deadline ;(∩´﹏`∩);
    I've seen some people say if you let the deadline pass they send you a "warning" email that the order will be canceled if you don't pay it soon,other people have said the order is automatically cancelled once the deadline passes? Any input is greatly appreciated!

    Hmm? You have 5 days to pay, so assuming they send it Monday in the morning then it'd be a December 8 deadline. (local time JP, for you actually Dec 7)

    Why don't you pay with Paypal and let them take the money from your bank account? By the time they book the payment with your bank it'll be December 10 I guess, no?

    As for adding stuff to the order: that doesn't extend your deadline, sorry. They even state that in their emails.

    Maybe you could try asking them very kindly via Support Chat to extend it, although their policy is not to do that. Maybe also don't blast that info around if it works, I'm sure they don't make that public if they let people do it for obvious reasons.

    Depending on your standing with AmiAmi they might be very forthcoming. You could also try and change your shipping method. SAL and Air are actually ONLY calculated by weight by JP Post, so lots of light plastic and volume is perfect for those two options. DHL is an obvious nono, because that's calculated by volumetric weight. (volume and weight are taken into account)

    Also, be sure to have your customs covered. If shipping is that expensive that it's out of your budget you wanna make sure that if you have to pay duties you'll be able to pay that as well. Novice advice I know, sorry if that was on your mind to begin with.

    Either way, best of luck! :3
  • Leikeima98Regular Boarder
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    8 days ago
    I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but do EMS packages from AmiAmi still have a delay?
  • HokutoRegular Boarder
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    8 days ago
    Leikeima98 (8 days ago) #45120871I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but do EMS packages from AmiAmi still have a delay?

    shipping notification email 01/12, posting 4/12, dispatch 05/12, so probably yes
  • gwendal738-2Regular Boarder
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    8 days ago • Updated 8 days ago
    It seems particularly busy and hectic at AmiAmi right now since it's the holiday season, so I would expect delays of your parcels and such.

    As for me, apparently someone weighed my package wrong so it had to be sent back to the AmiAmi warehouse and re-weighed before being sent back out to me again. It's EMS, paid on Monday (3 Dec), shipped out on Tuesday, then no update on tracking until I received this notification last night.

    It was their first mistake out of all of my orders (and I've been ordering almost 99% exclusively from them for almost 2 years now) which was swiftly corrected before I could even message their customer service, so I'm not complaining at all- just making y'all aware that things may be a wee bit hectic up there so packages might (or should I say will) be delayed until the holiday season blows over.
  • shinahdragonRegular Boarder
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    7 days ago • Updated 7 days ago
    Got a flyer in my package yesterday:
    For those who've used DHL express shipping for an amiami package that was (or is going to be) delivered between Nov to Dec 18', they're giving a 1,000 ami points to a 100 winners: simplydhl.com/a...
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