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starhawkAnd... Pass.Regular Boarder • lv17
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9 months ago
Selling Iron Saga Judith by Myethos. picture/3507114...
$150 shipped. Check my ads for anything else.
powderedmilk♡૮ • ﻌ - ა˶ᵔ ᵕRegular Boarder • lv7
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8 months ago
selling an asuka bulk lot for $470 shipped!
comes with 4 scales
2 prizes
2 gasha
1 riseLABO/Alter kit (not built)
acrylic strap x 2
all boxes in good condition, can add matching kotobukiya mari for an additional $60, PMs open!
Revolve 1/7
Kotobukiya 1/6
Kotobukiya 1/6 2
Amakuni 1/6
Race Queen
B Prize
RiseLABO Alter


also selling USADA YU original color by saitom, $290 shipped
badtuningRegular Boarder • lv5
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8 months ago
Selling -a lot- of R18 doujinshi.

-They are around the $15 range
-Shipping will be $8 Flat Rate
-I will do discounts for bundles.
-All B5 sized doujins will be bagged and boarded. All doujins shipped with care.

US only. PayPal only. DM me for pictures.
RiyloRegular Boarder • lv5
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8 months ago
I've set over 100 figures aside to sell; in a bad spat with work and trying to prepare for the worst. I'm in the process of adding them only after taking the pictures and getting shipping boxes together.

List of intended sells: itemlists.v4.ph...

ebay page: www.ebay.com/us...

I intend to go through ebay to start as I'm unfamiliar with selling here, only buying. If you see anything you want listed quicker, send me a message and I'll get on it. If you've got a good record on here for your own sells and buys, I'll consider doing business here through paypal to start building my own reputation.
gfan999Regular Boarder • lv4
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8 months ago
I am a US Based ebay seller, I'm selling anime figures without boxes.

I have a few items listed right now, I'll add more over time

My username is the same on ebay
kokoroamiRegular Boarder • lv11
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8 months ago • Updated 1 month ago
Hello! Selling figures in this list: LIST #165311

Vocaloid - Kaito - 1/8 - Hanairogoromo: $125 + shipping
Fate/Grand Order - Merlin - ALTAiR - 1/8: $230 shipped
Fate/Grand Order - Edmond Dantès - ALTAiR - 1/8: $180 shipped
Magia Record Mahou Shoujo Madoka ☆ Magica Gaiden - Nanami Yachiyo - 1/7: $180 shipped
Overlord III - Albedo - so-bin ver: $220 shipped (comes with homemade base)
Original - Creator's Collection - Mauve - 1/6: $300 shipped
Xiami - 4th Anniversary At First Sight: Blue Ver. 1/7 Scale: $145 shipped

Battle Scene Collection Figure: Liyue Edition: $22 shipped each, $4 an additional figure.

Available for: Xingqiu, Keqing, Ganyu, Qiqi
sithmaulsRegular Boarder • lv13
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7 months ago
Selling MHA, Gurren Laggan, and Kantai Collection prizes and nendoroids from this list: LIST #196942

All items have been opened and displaued. Message me for pictures or more information and feel free to make reasonable offers.
selling (item prices in desc) | considering selling (send offer if interested)
Elise_GrimwaldWe are Star*T*Rain!Regular Boarder • lv21
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7 months ago • Updated 7 months ago
I have a lot of items on sale here, most of which is merch. There are three DVDs, all of which are new. Payment is strictly through PayPal only. The shipping prices are as follows:

-$4 for all orders (this applies to the US). Shipping is expensive these days. However, shipping is free if you buy the Clannad set, or $20 worth of goods. I cannot combine goods for free with the DVDs, unfortunately, as Media Mail is only for DVDs and books, so if you want both, I'll have to charge for shipping. I will also ship overseas, but it will be expensive.

If you want items marked with a red dot, there is a 3 item minimum requirement if all of the items are marked with a red dot. If they are mixed, there is no minimum. No other colors have a minimum requirement. (I only have a limited amount of envelopes, so I have to put a requirement on the cheaper items)
The Clannad sets can be split, and would be $20 each, or $40 for the pair.
Here's what I have for sale:

View spoilerHide spoiler
imgur.com/JqkIi... (this shows the back side of the Recovery of an MMO Junkie charms)
imgur.com/13rJp... (these are clear files)

Prices are either in the image, or are as follows:
White: Free with purchase
Red: $1 each (I forgot to price the Junko charm, but she also is $1)
Yellow: $2 each
Blue: $3 each
Green: $4 each
Purple: $7 each

Everything is official. Most items are new, but some items have been opened and displayed only. These are the used items:
View spoilerHide spoiler
-The Danganronpa items aside from the Hifumi, Kiyotaka, and Madarai. The Junko charm is missing the loop it came with. These were just displayed.
-The Llenn charm is used, but in excellent shape. The Sinon one on the same page has a damaged package, but is new.
-The Holmes item is new, but it never had packaging. It is official. The same thing goes with the Kei item.
-I think I had the plush displayed, but that's it. He was just hung off of my DVD tower IIRC.
-The large Gilgamesh Domiterior was displayed, and is missing the bottom thing that keeps the domino up. It does stand up without it, though.
-The Gilgamesh and Kingu charm is new, but I don't have the original packaging.
-Both Echidna items are used but in great shape, and the Yukina clip was displayed only.
-The mini wall scroll is very gently used, and was on my wall briefly.

Please PM me if interested. (Feedback: profile/Elise_G...)

If the links don't work, let me know, as Imgur is Imgur and sometimes doesn't work.
dannymilkRegular Boarder • lv10
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7 months ago
hello all,

selling ITEM #219453 for $20 + shipping (or best offer) Link: www.ebay.com/it...

i'm also selling ITEM #234160 Pillow included. starting at $70. ebay listing was taken down so PM to negotiate if interested
bishoujobitchRegular Boarder • lv10
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6 months ago • Updated 6 months ago
Selling quite a bit of my collection here! Open to offers!

I am based in Canada but can ship to the States! Shipping rates are around $25 USD for northern states, to $55 USD for southern states.

I can save a bit on shipping for multiple figures, I also have a list of nendoroids here
ChocolateolordRegular Boarder • lv6
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3 months ago
The time Has come I am downsizing

Feel free to look through my collection via my profile, and feel free to send me a message detailing which figure catches your fancy. Then I'll see how I can help you.

You pay shipping. you will receive a tracking number.
I will send you a shipping cost estimate through DMs
Payment through Paypal
I can bundle items if purchasing multiple
Feel free to ask for pics of the figure/box or ask about the condition
US only
Standard protocol
the7887Regular Boarder • lv8
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2 months ago • Updated 2 months ago
PRICE DROPS! Free shipping to continental US addresses, feel free to DM me with any offers. All items are boxed and ready to ship.

Karakuri Circus, Eleonore - 75$ [USED, GOOD]

Azur Lane, Sirius Blue Waves - 200$ [USED, DAMAGED: SCREEN LEG DETACHED]

SoniComi, Super Sonico Wedding - 200$ [USED, MISSING PIECE: TOP OF BOQUET]

Original, Otori Alice - 175$ [USED, GOOD]
bkdkkacchan! ☆Regular Boarder • lv24
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2 months ago • Updated 2 months ago
emergency sales time :')
ill start adding proper ads later today but anyone who lurks here gets pick of the litter lol

list also includes prices, current condition, etc. please contact me for more info orz pm here is fine but i prefer discord, i check it more often and can send photos easier
LIST #247586

edit: new acc means no previous sales here but i do have depop with over 230 5 star reviews.
art by qhsrP_voy
GNPsaraRegular Boarder • lv6
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1 month ago • Updated 1 month ago
Hello!! I am purging almost my entire collection so please take a look at my list! LIST #192562
kokoroamiRegular Boarder • lv11
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1 month ago • Updated 1 month ago
Selling everything on this list (US ONLY) for $145 shipped each with the exception of genshin figures (25 shipped for both). Could possibly arrange pickup around NY 11354:

LIST #165311
mameomimiRegular Boarder • lv9
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1 month ago • Updated 1 month ago
I need to find a new house for the figure before moving to new place next year.
Free shipping if you buy more than 2 figures.
PM for more details and shipping quotes.
Now updating the pictures.
LIST #252683.
Also now I am selling my TOM preorder of Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - F:Nex - 1/4 - Nihon Ningyou (FuRyu, Yoshitoku) for $1200.

Feel free to ask everything you need.
nman971Regular Boarder • lv9
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1 month ago
I am running out of space and need to downsize my collection a bit. Everything on this list is for sale and I might be willing to part with some other figures too so feel free to ask. I'll update the list with more info but please PM if you're interested in anything :^)

LIST #201288
kaityleeKawaii MistressRegular Boarder • lv15
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1 month ago • Updated 1 month ago
Some items for sale!
Shion 1/4 bunny: $215 CLASSIFIED #344546
Rin and Len Senbonzakura set: $325
ITEM #167011
Ishtar 1/7 Fate scale: $200

Also selling all Miku prize figures on this list, I can discount on bundled items!
LIST #179151
_zeltRegular Boarder • lv12
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17 days ago
Selling a majority of my collection, consists of mostly 1/4 bunnies and other scale bunnies

Includes free shipping within the US & split shipping to Canada

LIST #194537

Willing to toss in a LED bunny sign if you purchase 2+ 1/4 bunnies

Thanks for looking!
MindeplayRegular Boarder • lv9
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13 days ago
Selling my entire collection of the panty and stocking twin pack chibi figures.
It took me long to find them and got all of them preowned, so the condition of some of them isn´t the best.
It´s always both figures, sometimes the box is missing or the accessoire but I will put any info behind the items

ITEM #78439 box included, good condition, cuffs are missing
ITEM #78608 box included, good condition, nothing missing

ITEM #61287 and ITEM #61285 I got both of these sets in the described condition, boxes missing, accessoires missing, ok condition but they got a few scratches, overall don´t look bad but certainly aren´t in great condition

Based in Germany
I am willing to ship internationally as long as the buyer pays for shipping
I´d prefer to sell them all together but am willing to sell individually
I´m open for offers just dm me, I can send pictures upon request

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