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    Hey everyone! I was really happy to see a club dedicated to lewd males, since it's exciting that the figure industry is finally giving us a bit of equality in sexy figures. I'm just curious, what are your favorites?

    For me it's these two ITEM #638638 ITEM #638637 and Benten ITEM #166923 I haven't watched 10 Count and I don't really intend to, but I ordered Shirotani and I'm planning on picking up Kurose at some point as well. I just love that we're finally getting some sexy male bunnies. Benten is just a gorgeous figure; the semi-transparent wings and feathers are beautiful, and I love his pose.

    Speaking of male bunnies, I'm not personally interested in shotas and the BINDing bunny boys are on the small side, but I can see why people were excited to see them! Hopefully that means Native and its subsidiary companies will eventually make some more males.

    I'd love to know what everyone's favorite lewd males are and why, so please feel free to comment and post links to them! There's some examples on the club figure list if you need a reference: browse.v4.php?c...
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    I'm really into robots and I love ITEM #300163 . He's everything I ever wanted in a poseable robot figure. Cute, cheeky smile, lovely colors that remind me of a smoothie. Nice curvy proportions aaaaaand a bulge. He even has a nice butt too.

    When his 2P color version came out ITEM #405426 I found that the stock images all over the box were him spreading his legs and bent over showing off the goods.

    I'm much more into poseables than statues but there's some coming out that I'd love to own if I end up clearing some space.
    Namely ITEM #639561 .
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