Male nendoroidsWhat male characters would you like to see get a nendoroid?

  • TheCringeMaster
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    9 months ago
    Hector, Eliwood and Nils from Fire Emblem (2003)
    Subaru Natsuki from Re:Zero
    Lex, Sigurd and Seliph from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

    In general, we need more figures from the old fire emblem games in my opinion.
  • kiokushitaka
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    9 months ago • Updated 9 months ago
    i would kill for asch from tales of the abyss (heck i'd love a scale figure of him too TT^TT my poor boy gets no figure love!)

    axel/lea from kh ...surprised a prototype hasn't popped up yet tbh

    the things i would do for kiryu and majima from RGG... the existing q-bitz look so disappointing.

    and i'm gonna echo hopes for kotetsu and barnaby. i have the chibi arts for them and they're just not as nice as nendos. u.u
  • SaeyoungChoi00
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    8 months ago
    Male characters I'd like to see as nendoroids:

    →YoRHa Number 9 Type S from NieR: Automata
    →Shuichi Saihara from Danganronpa: Killing Harmony
    →Kokichi Oma from Danganronoa: Killing Harmony
    →Prompto Argentum from Final Fantasy XV
    →Noctis Caelum from Final Fantasy XV
    →Mitsuki Izumi from Idolish7

    There's so many good opportunities that GSC is just sleeping on!!!
  • gwendal738-2
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    8 months ago • Updated 8 months ago
    - Kousuke and Setagawa from Hitorijime My Hero (which isn't a far cry because yaoibois have finally been getting more attention from the figure gods)
    - Going down the yaoi path, the Love Stage boys (Ryouma and Izumi)
    - Norman and Ray from Yakusoku no Neverland (they will probably come out with season 2; at least, I hope so)
    - Lindel from Mahoutsukai no Yome (probably impossible, since we don't even have Chise or Ruth lmfao)
    - Tatsumi, Lubbock, and Run from Akame ga Kill
    - Tanuma Kaname from Natsume Yuujinchou, to go with Natsume TuT
    - The Saiyuki boys (primarily Sanzo, Gojyo, and Hakkai because I don't care for Goku much). Oh my gosh this would be a dream come true for me since they are my childhood favorites.
    - For that matter, Gwendal von Voltaire from Kyou Kara Maou. Also a childhood husbando, and the reason for my username X'D
    - Kurogane and Fay from Tsubasa Chronicles. Throw in a TRC version of Syaoran too.
    - The Free! boys. Which will probably never happen but one can only dream TuT
    - THE REST OF THE BOUEI-BU BOIS. Why tease us with En when you won't give us at least Atsushi, GSC TuT
    - Nanbaka bois, especially Hajime TuT I need my bald husbando ok
    - Nero and Angelo from 91 Days. My tragic babies TuT
    - Nagasone, Tonbokiri, and Midare from Touken Ranbu. Also Jiroutachi and Taroutachi. Actually I just want all of them but these are the priorities X'D
    - Dino from Blend S. Maika is lonely TuT
    - Nitta Yoshifumi from Hinamatsuri. His facial expressions are hilarious.
    - Steven A. Starphase from Kekkai Sensen. He's my 2nd favorite character, and I need him to go with Klaus TuT

    I'm probably forgetting others but I have a pretty long wishlist X'D
  • AfO
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    7 months ago
    Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians.
    Aladdin :3
    Lance, Adult Red, Steven Stone, Leon and Raihan from Pokémon :3
  • monkeypizzasonic
    monkeypizzasonicRegular Boarder • lv1
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    7 months ago
    - Ace Attorney - I need tiny Phoenix and Edgeworth yelling at each other across my desk
    - More Hetalia, just because I like it (they already released my faves but the more the merrier)
    - Disney princes/boys to go with the princesses
    - More Yugioh - I keep looking at the Yami Yugi nendo but I have no reason to get him unless I can also get a Kaiba to duel him
    - and this is kinda a stretch, but when I first saw the new cute BTS figures I though they were nendoroids, and now I really want BTS nendoroids...
  • Gallerian
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    7 months ago
    akashi kuniyuki and nakigitsune from touken ranbu! akashi is a long shot but i've at least got some hope for nakigitsune^^;;
    shuichi saihara from danganronpa v3
    any otome boys!! i would love nendoroids for code: realize, collar x malice, etc. but it's unfortunate there's no chance of any :( hopefully they expand further into the otome market maybe after making mr. love nendoroids tho
    itsuki shuu from ensemble stars; i love him but i don't think it's likely he'll be getting one either orz
    kou minamoto, hanako, and tsuchigomori from jibaku shounen hanako-kun. i love tsuchigomori so much jskdlfm though i think with the anime coming out soon, minamoto and hanako will probably get nendoroids
  • songokou
    songokouRegular Boarder • lv13
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    7 months ago
    Donkey Kong
  • Diancie
    Diancie꒰´꒳`∗꒱Regular Boarder • lv24
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    5 months ago
    I would die for a Griffith (Berserk) nendoroid.

  • Cuda
    CudaI Draw Things for MoneyRegular Boarder • lv8
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    5 months ago
    The one, the only... resident hetare ningen samurai... Sakata Gintoki*~ =3=


    > The Rest of the Gintama Boys [Hijikata, Sougo, Katsura, Takasugi, etc.]
    > Heiwajima Shizuo and Orihara Izaya [like why don't they exist already...]
    > The Rest of the Reborn Boys [especially SASAGAWA RYOHEI MAXIMUMMM!]
    > Heine Rammsteiner and Badou Nails from DOGS: Bullets & Carnage [never happening :<]
  • pasteliea
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    1 month ago
    tori and adonis from enstars... someday i hope :')
  • laurenk418
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    1 month ago • Updated 1 month ago
    laurenk41810 months ago#67170258I'd really like an Abbacchio nendo to go with ITEM #806021. If Giorno can get Mista as a nendoroid companion, and Risotto and Prosciutto can get nendoroids, it'd be nice if Abbacchio could get one too. Think of the infamous accessories he could come packed with!
    Well this post aged very well: ITEM #981554
  • NASA3C273
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    26 days ago • Updated 26 days ago
    I want a Dabi from MHA, I hope he's the next villain from the series they make a Nendoroid out of

    I also really want to see Mob and Reigen from Mob Psycho 100 at least, considering how the art style of the anime already is, I think it'd be really fun to see them in a Nendoroid form, and I think the character designs are pretty simple on their own, but they could make some really fun props and accessories for them, they could also make a faceplate for Mob at ???%, that would be so dope if they pulled that off
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