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Doll Collector ClubQuestion/Discussion: How do you get your dolls?

How should I get the doll?

  • 100%Manufacturer Website
  • 0%Local Retailer
  • 0%Wait for sister to travel to Japan
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  • Sn0wy_W01fRegular Boarder
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    12 days ago • Updated 12 days ago
    This is a follow up of my previous thread thread/16450,
    After much consideration (looking at pictures, adding and removing from wishlist several times), I have decided to get Smart Doll Kanata Alternate ITEM #862529.

    In terms of funds, I'm reaching the target soon, after 4 months of internship and saving up I'd say about 70%-80%. However the issue is how to buy the doll, as I have no credit card of my own. Wonfes wishlist also threatens the budget XD (2 Figmas and 1 Kotobukiya scale).

    Currently my options are
    1. Convince sister to help me get it (I pay cash SGD she use credit card)
    Pros: I get a doll? I use this method for my figure orders
    Cons: Custom fees (first time dealing with them), credit card exchange rates
    2. Local retailer (local Kinokuniya main branch sells them, have to call in advance) dannychoo.com/e...
    Pros: Store settles everything, bonus smart doll Kinokuniya apron?
    Cons: Have to call them? I is introvert (figure collecting made me talk more).
    3. Sister travelling to Tokyo in March 2020 (I pay cash SGD she change to JPY)
    Pros: Exchange Rates
    Cons: Exchange Rates, Luggage space

    Questions are:
    1. How do you get your dolls?
    2. Which do you prefer figures or dolls?
    3. Smart dolls, they're safe to postpone right? (Thinking of getting the figures first, while waiting for new doll clothes to be released)

    This is my most expensive purchase ever, so please help thanks.
  • Kirito_Regular Boarder
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    11 days ago
    I prefer the manufacturer website option when ever possible. Smart Dolls official store has a great rep, and are very friendly to work with. With Smart doll the official store also comes with some warranty coverage (replacement parts to a certain limit).
  • dollbynRegular Boarder
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    9 days ago

    I would recommend buying directly from the manufacturer website. You do not need a credit card to buy from them if you use Paypal, which simply needs to be attached to a verified bank account. This is how I do all of my online transactions. :)

    The process to do this is very easy. You just need to open a Paypal account and enter your bank account and routing numbers. They will then make two tiny deposits into the account after a few days and you have to confirm on the site how much each one was. And that's it! You can find the instructions on how to do this here: www.paypal.com/...

    I think this would be the easiest solution to your problem, hopefully it helps!
  • RajkeCa FanaticRegular Boarder
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    4 days ago • Updated 4 days ago
    With high value stuff i also want to order it directly from the manufacturer (This answer goes both for figures and dolls). The exception for that is when the retailer is relatively close by and i can save the hassle for the import taxes, shipping rates and that kind of stuff. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy it from a retailer that works from a location not far from your location. It pays the effort to calculate the import taxes beforehand. In my case buying from SmartDoll was the cheapest to do on their official site. On the other hand the Pureneemo was cheaper when i bought it from a retailer than from their official store. The difference lies in the shipping costs which is very high from Japan to my home. The other positive thing was that the import taxes where included so i knew exactly what i must pay beforehand.

    I had a good experience wen i bought my first SmartDoll some time ago. Very professional, fast service and nicely packed. I definitely would do it again.

    When it comes to comparing dolls to figures there isn't a proper answer to give on that. The differences are too big and both have their great aspects. It depends totally on you own interests. You should go for what you think is the right thing to buy.

    What i saw in observing the past months on the SmartDoll website was that the important announcements goes on his Instagram account (and yes i lurk on his instagram account). I don't think that Kanata alternate would be discontinued soon but keep in mind that there is a possibility that her skin color milk wil change to cinnamon over time. If the change from milk to cinnamon skintone is no issue than you can ignore the rest of this paragraph. Kanata isn't mentioned but Valiant is a SmartDoll that was available recently (she is still available but her skintone will change over a short period of time from milk to cinnamon). View spoilerHide spoilerwww.instagram.c... It is not about the pictures but about the text in this post.

    I noticed one thing when i clicked on your link to the Singapore website. The site is last updated in 2015.
    View spoilerHide spoilerCultureJapanKINOKUNIYA SINGAPORE X SMART DOLL
    Source viewed on 16 august 2019: dannychoo.com/e...
    It simply means that it is possible that the bonus item is different or not available. The only dolls mentioned are Kizuna and Mirai and seeing the pictures both are the first versions. Before making the choice to buy from the Singapore shop i recommend you contact them to prevent disappointment.

    Hope this will help you. :D
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