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Koge-Donbo*Koge-Donbo* figures you'd like to see made?

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    What characters of Koge-Donbo*'s would you like to see get figures? It can be a character who's never gotten one, or someone who has but you'd like a newer one, or of a different type. And what pose, or outfit would you like them to be in?

    Personally, if any character of hers were to get a new figure announced I'd preorder that shit immediately, but there are some specifics that I would especially love.

    Kamichama Karin never got any sort of figures, so I think a Karin figure would be cute, one in her magical girl outfit preferably. Although I do also love the outfit worn on the cover of ITEM #484124, so I'd love to see a figure made of that too, in the same pose as seen on the cover.

    We got a Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar figure in the form of Sugar's 1/1 prepainted scale (ITEM #15291), but I'd like to see Saga get a scale. Of course Saga being human, it'd have to be a smaller scale. A 1/6 maybe? Including Sugar in the figure would be cute, too! Maybe something similar to this artwork she drew where Sugar is on her arm?

    Misha from Pita-Ten already has a scale (ITEM #15307), but I'd love a newer one made that's more of the quality of current scale figures, and the figure she did get doesn't have her wings, so I'd like a newer one to have her wings out.

    I do of course also want more Di Gi Charat figures to be made. Considering the most recent scales were from 2001, it would be nice to get newer ones made with modern scale figure quality. There's quite a lot of artwork Koge-Donbo*'s drawn that I think would look nice as a scale too. Especially this artwork of Puchiko from Chocola 2001. And the only Di Gi Charat characters who ever got prepainted scales were Dejiko, Gema, Puchiko, and Usada, so I'd like to see other characters get some eventually. I can dream.

    Anyway, what Koge-Donbo* figures would you love to see get made? Let me know!
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