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Nendoroid Cute Club!!Any Nendoroids (or other figures) announced you're excited for??

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  • Eri-channnRegular Boarder
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    • 2 months ago
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    23 days ago • Updated 23 days ago
    Any nendoroids coming out you're excited for? When saw Inuyasha finally got announced for one along with Senku I lost my mind. I have been patiently waiting for Shinra's preorder from Fire Force, but it may be pushed back more. I am on the fence about getting Hyakunosuke Ogata from Golden Kamuy, only because Sugimoto doesn't even have one yet.
  • Candycanes02Regular Boarder
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    • 3 months ago
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    22 days ago
    I also was hyper excited for Inuyasha (tho I'm more of a Sesshoumaru fan, but at least it's someone from the show haha). I didn't think he'd be getting a nendoroid because the show is old, but there's still hope it seems.
  • EinnRegular Boarder
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    22 days ago
    I'm so extremely excited for Hyakunosuke Ogata it's not even funny!!

    I even considered making a custom, but for now I'll make on of Tsukishima instead (and my friend will have Koito).

    I do hope at least Sugimoto and Shiraishi get official ones made though. Would love Tsurumi as well, he'd have so much faceplate potential and if they could make his head protector removable... that'd be great.
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