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Take care of your figures!Expected life span of figures and aging

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    dtindcarea (1 month ago) #72151124Your comments give me more optimism about figures lasting a long time. Thanks.
    I can also relate to your dropping common, probably similar to most people here. I accidentally pushed a figure off my shelf once (a cheaper figure) and I've also dropped figures while trying to put together parts but luckily there was no damage from those incidents. I try to be very careful with my more expensive ones but accidents are inevitable. And, what happens if an earthquake hits? I guess you can't worry too much about stuff like that.
    EDIT: Congrats on getting that figure recently! It's always nice to get a figure you want. I know that every time I get a figure in the mail, it is like Christmas for me.

    Glad I could help! Of course, just like every other material possession figures will get old and start to deteriorate over time. That's just how life is lol. The nice thing is that they're made to sit there and look pretty, so they don't generally get handled much (except for action figures and stuff). So as long as they're well kept they shouldn't be in much danger. Just enjoy your collection as it is and try not to worry too much

    And thanks! That Nami figure is kinda rare nowadays so I was happy to find her XD
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