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Bootleg FindersDid I just buy a bootleg?

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  • Liv3urwayRegular Boarder
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    13 days ago
    I recently bought the Artoria Type-Moon Plusone Racing figure (ITEM #498420) from Mandarake and I noticed that the one I purchased doesn't have the Type Moon sticker of authenticity on it (order.mandarake...), but in other photos of the same figure (sold by a different vendor) on Mandarake's site, it does have the sticker (order.mandarake...). So did I accidentally buy a boot-leg figure?

    The figure that I bought looks legit and Mandarake isn't known for selling bootlegs so i'm pretty cautious currently.
  • NefereRegular Boarder
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    13 days ago • Updated 13 days ago
    That's a most noticeable thing. is that a bootleg version has a simple white disk of plastic as a base, and it isn't a part of golden racing logo.

    There are also minor differences in hair (shape of stray hair, original's ahoge is straight on a root, bootleg's dark finishing on fringe ends, visible seams).

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    I'm not sure about authentication sticker and if other bootlegs exists.

    EDIT: just discovered spoiler and img tag.
  • thargletRegular Boarder
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    13 days ago
    Authentication sticker not being present isn't a "slam dunk" way of telling a bootleg - they can get missed at the factory, fall off or the original owner simply may remove them for reasons unknown.

    Looking around, I found this image of a bootleg's box, which is completely different from the official:

    As far as I can tell, there's only the one bootleg floating around for this figure, which is the one with the white base, as talked about by Nefere. So I suspect yours is legit, but the sticker has got lost along the way.
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