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    First of all, sorry If I wasn't suppose to post here! I just didn't know where else to post...

    Anyways! I stumbled across this image and wondered, was this real? A few sites reported on it [here] and [here]. According to the sites, Sega posted them on April 1st, but apparently the site read “it’s April Fools, but this is not a joke!” when the image was posted.
    Does anyone know anything about this?
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    Sega website during announcement time (April 2013) informed about "sega prize" - without specyfing if they mean a prize figure or other goods (archived version). Around half of year later, (archived version) the prizes were already revealed - two T-shirts (ITEM #291945 and ITEM #291946) and 2 music boxes (ITEM #273878 and ITEM #273875).

    That means plastickitty (the one of websites you've mentioned) was just jumped the gun thinking it's prize figure announcement.
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