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    1. Origins/characters/items that are fundamentally pedophilic, incestuous, racist, ableist, or LGBTphobic are NOT allowed. Ooshima Yuuki's works, Watanabe Akio/Poyoyon Rock's works, Netrun-mon, Moetan, Dokuro-chan, sexualized school swimsuits, child characters in sexual positions, etc aren't welcome. This isn't a full list of "banned content", but some examples to give a general idea. If you're unsure why any of these aren't allowed, feel free to ask!

    2. Please don't make a new thread if the topic is already covered by another! Other than that, feel free to go wild with the threads. The comments can be used for anything you want as well!

    3. BE EPIC!!!

    The member list is occasionally checked on and users owning/wishing mass amounts of items going against rule 1 will be removed. I am trying to prevent the spread of pedophilic media in the community. 八(・☐・*) Please contact me if you have any questions/concerns!
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