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    Which is the best NSFW "Halloween" photo?

    44%Entry #1 - FigyourEd's photo featuring Belphegor and Philena Waal
    11%Entry #2 - Indulf_dubh's photo featuring Princess Bitch
    22%Entry #3 - arparso's photo featuring Alice and Hermaphroditos
    22%Entry #4 - vgadict's photo featuring Diabolus Inclinatus Desdemona
    0%Entry #5 - Ardour's photo featuring Leviathan
    0%Entry #6 - Moeromoero's photo featuring Ade-Sugata V and Kirihara Fuuka
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    2 days ago • Updated 2 days ago
    The submission period for our photo challenge #2 - "Halloween" has ended (see thread/17271). We had considerably more participation this time with 6 entries. Now it's time to vote for which photo is the best.

    Entry #1 by FIGYOURED

    Entry #2 by INDULF_DUBH

    Entry #3 by ARPARSO

    Entry #4 by VGADICT

    Entry #5 by ARDOUR

    Entry #6 by MOEROMOERO

    Voting will be open until October 31st (Halloween). Details for the next photo challenge will be announced after that.
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