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    4 months ago
    SegaGirl50004 months ago#98085271Would this series/its figures be good to add? From 2007, I have 2 of them and they're really cute and come with a little map of the train route ;w;
    ENTRY #215997

    added! thanks for the suggestion :D it's funny to me that this has a fastech girl, the only other train girl i know (off the top of my head) is also supposed to be a fastech train ENTRY #22934
  • neoratz
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    2 months ago
    OK as of today i will no longer post here when i add items to the club, it's hard to keep up with when i mass-add things D: my apologies! this can be somewhat solved by sorting the related items by release date but unfortunately it won't make up for items that were added to the database a while ago. i'm turning this thread into JUST suggestions, so feel free to keep suggesting items here!
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    1 month ago • Updated 1 month ago
    Early PreCures could be a good add. Thinking of that, entries.php?clu... probably has some good stuff.

    edit: fsr I suggested a Symphonic Rain figure and it didn't show up as in the club when I posted but it is, sorry about that!
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