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    Hi all! This post is targeted towards collectors of the Square Enix Bring Arts line of figures. This is an in-depth dive on questions of authenticity on these figures.

    Welcome! This week, I have been wondering about Bring Arts and the authenticity linked to said figures. Recently purchased some from the online store ImageAnime, and received them quickly and they look great. Just was curious as to the authenticity of them, so I started looking online on resell sites to see if anyone has sold fakes of the figures I had purchased so I could compare pictures of those with the ones I purchased. eBay has quite the assortment of KH Bring Arts figures, with some sellers offering "loose" figures at a cheap price or figures that leave out the Square Enix Seal of Quality at the bottom right corner of the packaging (The silver sparkly triangle sticker). I know early on in the KH BA line, they started putting those stickers on. Thinking it was around the Riku/Limit Mode Sora release.

    Has anyone done any research into if counterfeit figures are made for Bring Arts KH, and if so, are there any pictures comparing real to fake? I've looked online for any traces of info, but all I found was fakes of 2B and Cloud Strife. It seems they created fakes of the best-selling figures of Bring Arts to capitalize on the market that SE can't completely fulfill with ample stock.

    Sellers on eBay under the name of "asmilingtoy" and "luckymodel" have listings for some KH Bring Arts figures that I assume they accquired from a factory job or something of the likes. Some of their listings even share the same pictures, they could even be the same seller with multiple accounts!

    One listing in particular from asmilingtoy has KH3 Kairi for sale, without the box (shares the same pics for the listing as luckymodel). The description reads "Special note: the knee joints of this batch of defective goods are generally loose, standing no problem". He must have gotten these from a defective lot from the factory overseas. Either way, that implies they are just defects from the official figure producers and not actually counterfeit! This could all be a lie as well, nothing is for certain.

    Does anyone have any info as to if fakes of Kingdom Hearts Bring Arts figures were ever introduced? I do not believe there are any real credible sources of fake figures being produced, but I could be wrong. It seems to me that someone overseas has gotten hold of these figures from the factories themselves, and started reselling for an albeit decent price compared to MSRP, and compared to the known fake listings like 2B and Cloud Strife (~$20). They don't seem to include any stands or boxes, so maybe they are just decent fakes at best? What's your opinion on all of this?
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