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    1 month ago
    Hello members!

    Before this week closes I just wanted catch up on what's going on, and then going forward the updates will be more frequent.

    The other day Netease had a huge stream which introduced and teased a few IP additions and collaborations. You can watch the stream here: weibo.com/60502....

    In order of appearance:

    2:25 - Code: World (yysworld.163.co...)


    View spoilerHide spoilerThis is a new MMORPG game. This was teased sometime last year, and for the past few days Netease have been posting pictures of art pieces from it. On their website above you can kind of "play" it, but I'm not entirely sure this is what it'll look like when it finally comes out on mobile, or maybe the cutscene/storytelling elements will be in that 2D artistic style, and then the gameplay will be something more 3D like the video they showcased (which is incredible by the way).

    People have been asking with the success of Genshin Impact, whether it was time for an openworld Onmyoji game, and we might just be seeing that soon. It wouldn't be too much of a surprise considering when Dead by Daylight became popular, they actually worked with the Dead by Daylight team to incorporate that play style into Identity V, and the Among Us style of gameplay with Hyakki Kindergarten.

    This is the trailer with English subtitles: www.youtube.com....

    This was the original teaser from just over a year ago: www.youtube.com....

    4:01 - Idol project


    View spoilerHide spoilerNow this is something I am VERY excited about, because I play idol mobage like IDOLiSH7, Hypnosis Mic ARB, Uta Macross, BanG! Dream, etc. so what this will be could honestly be anything - a music project, something incorporated into the games, just merchandise, who knows? They've been teasing this project for some time actually, but I always thought it was some sort of thing like K:DA with LoL, where they're a "real" music group.

    Here's some screenshots of the boys:




    11:31 - upcoming collaborations





    View spoilerHide spoilerNo further details disclosed but we can speculate CLAMP and Yoshitaka Amano may be doing collaborative art. For Hello Kitty Netease teased they'll be "in the courtyard", so we might be seeing some of the characters in the games; collaborative merchandise is also a possibility.

    Jujutsu Kaisen is bit of an obvious one; like Bleach, Inuyasha and Kimetsu no Yaiba some of the main cast like Yuuji and Satoru may be summonable characters across the titles - hopefully with how big Jujutsu Kaisen is outside of Japan we'll actually see this collaboration in the global releases of the games. We've yet to see KnY in the global games, and it's been about 1-2 months since Nezuko and Tanjiro were in them.

    12:07 - Animation: Yokai Enlightenment (weibo.com/u/761...)



    Unknown at this time what this is, but looks very interesting to see Yamausagi and Mouba so grown up looking, I feel like a proud mum.

    If you're a fan of the adorable Hyakki Kindergarten show, season 4 is due to start airing on the 28th of this month. With the release of the Among Us-esque game of the same title, looks like the long awaited Momiji will be in this season, and in this video Otakemaru was hinted (finally!), so we may also be seeing the sea family in a few days too

    Not really news, but the event with new characters Taishakuten (available now through the gachas) and Asura is currently going on in the global RPG, with Asura's SSR available soon as a summonable character on the Chinese server.

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    29 days ago • Updated 29 days ago

    With maintenance coming up tomorrow on the Chinese server that'll implement Asura's event (global server just started Taishakuten's event), Netease have revealed some footage of Asura in battle and his unlockable story segments, as well as what to expect in the event, in the next month when the global server gets him:








    Funnily enough I didn't want to get too invested in the new characters, since I couldn't and still can't warm to Taishakuten, but Asura...I am looking

    As is usually the case, he'll also be shortly introduced in Yokai Koya and the card game; this ultimate attack animation in the latter game is great (see below):

    View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.ibb.co/x6htnFf/007-BKk-Suly1gqtpzffz3hg30go0tnhe9.gif

    The memory scrolls are slowly coming into circulation, but aren't translated in English as of yet; if you're interested I can link it here so you can have a watch anyway, just let me know.

    Taishakuten's has yet to be translated, but once available I'll post it here accordingly.
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    26 days ago
    Not really major news, but the card game released new art for supposedly a new card of Onikiri; he looks stunning, full image in the spoiler below:


    View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.ibb.co/tQTwx94/007-BKk-Sugy1gqyd7tkd43j30ku39w7wl.jpg
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    25 days ago • Updated 21 days ago
    The global Onmyoji Youtube's uploaded the memory scrolls for Taishakuten:


    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5

    Translated CGI; definitely watch after finishing the scrolls
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    22 days ago • Updated 22 days ago
    I couldn't not post about this; I love Yuki Douji with all my soul, and he's got a new skin in Arena which is just perfect - look at him!


    Further details (Chinese): View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.ibb.co/GTmqTvR/006-Sj-LWZgy1gr2ksxdxtrj30u02ku1kx.jpg

    Teaser video from a couple days ago: weibo.com/62994...
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    21 days ago


    An amazing individual on the Onmyoji Reddit's translated Asura's trailer(s) for the event going on in China.

    I am so excited for this View spoilerHide spoilerlike honestly I hope it's not some soppy ending where Taishakuten says he became a tyrant for the sake of showing everyone that Asura's a good person (or as Taishakuten would say, THE Hero), and Asura buys it - pleeeeeeease, please, please Netease make it so that Asura doesn't care - when Asura's available in Japan I'm whaling, let's put it that way.
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    17 days ago • Updated 16 days ago


    And thus ends the Asura and Taishakuten story - the ending animation was released a few hours ago on Weibo, check it out here: video.weibo.com....

    A PV with surprisingly an English song's also been released: m.weibo.cn/5896....

    I've yet to watch the memory scrolls for Asura translated, and this ending but holy shit from what I've seen when I scrubbed through it just now...what a journey.

    I honestly wasn't expecting to get so invested in Asura and his story, because physically he's not the type of character I go for (Taishakuten ironically is, but I really don't like him), but no regrets. Another amazing story told by Netease; I'll probably update this with my opinion on the ending in about 20 minutes.

    Edit: I'm definitely going to need a translation because I'm not entirely sure why this Final Fantasy XIV style calamity appeared, but I'm just personally happy it wasn't a super soppy ending because it's not my thing in any form of media. It does seem like they were faced with a much bigger threat during their fight, and worked together to avoid anything catastrophic from happening. I like that the dynamic is a more realistic one in which Asura appears disappointed in how things turned out, but he remembers that once upon a time they were friends, and is grateful for the memories. I still don't like Taishakuten regardless LOL

    Edit 2: Nevermind I get it, I forgot about the demon banquet ages ago when they talk about the "sky people" (celestials)
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    17 days ago • Updated 17 days ago
    I had to post this, this is the cutest thing ever. Asura and Taishakuten Iba balls? This is the spin-off we all needed after how much of a whirlwind of emotions the main story was.




    B R O K E N B A L L I can't
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    16 days ago
    kuailiang17 days ago#9787470606/06/2021
    And thus ends the Asura and Taishakuten story - the ending animation was released a few hours ago on Weibo, check it out here: video.weibo.com....

    Following on from this post, these are the English translations:

    - Memory scroll part 6
    - Memory scroll part 7

    - Final CG
    - Broken Hero PV
    - Extra cutscene
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    16 days ago

    A new skin for Higanbana has been teased for Arena


    Teaser video
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    16 days ago

    Holy shit. Holy. Shit.


    We've got a new skin announced for SP Shu - I can't even explain how beautiful it is: weibo.com/58964....




    Well I know what I'm buying in a month's time...
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    15 days ago • Updated 8 days ago

    OK, so there are quite a few updates that have come through in the last few hours.

    First and foremost, the Sanrio collaboration's due to start on the 16th of June in China, here are some of the material that Netease have published:


    - Collaboration PV
    - Artwork and Gudetama/Badtz-Maru pet teaser images
    - Gudetama/Badtz-Maru pet teaser video
    - Gudetama/Badtz-Maru pet teasers (gifs)
    - Event details (unlockable talisman pass loading screen picture and event format + something about Menreiki that I'm not too sure about)
    - Available Sanrio themed avatar frames



    Naraka x Onmyoji collaboration



    Yoto will be a guest character in Naraka (not sure if this game's in the west or in Japan at all); I'm assuming with all game collaborations she'll be a summonable character, and some sort of set can be purchased.

    Video: weibo.com/60502...


    RPG slight optimisation

    Comparison video: weibo.com/60502...

    The global server will probably be getting these improvements as well


    Did you enjoy the theme of Taishakuten's and Asura's event "Broken Hero"? Now you can get it in the Iba ball version with plenty of "tuhs" and "dahs".



    I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry
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    8 days ago

    This was announced a couple days ago, but with the addition of a new skin, Ichimokuren will be in Yokai Koya and he's very cute as always:





    Sometime last week they announced the Hyakki Kindergarten skin for Iba (I'm assuming Shu will come at a later point):



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    8 days ago • Updated 8 days ago

    A new SR's been announced on the Chinese server called Jie Shi Shen Runei Que (if my pinyin serves me right this is pronounced "Jye Shur Shen Runei Chue" - Google translate says this means "Supernatural Sparrow" apparently). He'll be available after China's maintenance update this week. Takuya Eguchi's voicing him, so it'll be interesting to see how he sounds (everytime I think of Takuya I think of Nagi from IDOLiSH7)




    My prediction is that he'll probably be similar to UR Ubume

    Edit: There was already a video out, completely overlooked it

    Just as a reminder that the summoning assemble event for Asura is due to start on the 19th on the Japanese and global server...rip my wallet
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    3 days ago • Updated 3 days ago

    OK so out of nowhere Hyakki Kindergarten is on the Japanese iTunes store, and in both Japanese and English!!




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    1 day ago

    You can now summon Asura in the Japanese version of the game; the global server as usual will get this update a day later as it's on EST.

    Good luck to everyone who's trying to get him, once payday comes next week I know what I'm doing...
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