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    kuailiang18 days ago#103735031That's what I'm waiting for because the moment Shu and Iba are announced View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.ibb.co/znyW4Dy/167-A4-D7-B-2369-4644-BC11-5-CD52-D7-A5-AB6.jpg
    I'm throwing my wallet at my laptop screen

    Same! But I have a one figure per character rule though. ;v; For Iba, I currently have my eyes on ITEM #1226074. If his idol version gets announced before the PO's drop for the figure, idk what I'm gonna do! *cries* I might just end up with two Iba's, idk! XD

    Gosh, Iba looks really hot in that bathtub, when I saw the trailer for the trailer for the idol project, Iba seemed be somewhat more flirty than he is in the main game and in the spin-off shows. Not that I mind though!

    Also, I find it odd that Iba, Shuten, and Onikiri aren't all in the same band since they're supposed to be friends. Unless, Iba had a falling out with his bros or something?

    For Onikiri, I am waiting for a scale of his demon version same as you, but I ordered ITEM #950073 just in case that never becomes a reality. As it is, I already skipped Onikiri's first figure. :') As soon as the scale announcement for Onikiri's demon form drop, I'm gonna yeet (aka sell) my current Onikiri! XD

    And regarding idol Shu being seemingly taller than normal Iba, I would assume that they counted his hair as part of his height? XD
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    14 days ago
    okami3418 days ago#103737764Snip

    I already have multiple Ibas, I've lost the will to live and care when it comes to Onmyoji LOL. I currently have the first scale and the cafe figure (along with some trading figures of him) but I love both scales, especially the cafe one.

    With the way that Iba looks, it wouldn't surprise me if he was a flirt towards people. We just see the stupid, loud side of him more than anything. Ever since Onikiri's "true appearance" skin came out I've been dying of SOMETHING of him in that form View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.ibb.co/Z2YDDvQ/Photo-13-09-2021-15-17-37.jpg


    They probably included his hair AND insoles because no one can convince me he's taller than 170cm/5'7. He's called Shuten Douji for a reason, so for him to be THAT tall is funny to me
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    13 days ago
    kuailiang14 days ago#103869137Snip

    I do remember you saying to me once that Iba was one of your favs. Also, I had nearly forgotten about that cafe Iba figure! Base on the Iba merch that you mentioned, it seems like you gathered up enough to make an Iba shrine! XD

    It would be pretty nice if Idol Iba explored more parts of Ibaraki's personality. As it is, I remember watching a Youtube video that showed this interactive screen thing that featured an animated version of cafe Ibaraki. The owner of the video translated Iba's lines for English views. Watching that video made me think that Iba had a surprisingly calm and somewhat sweet side to him. He also seemed to be subtly flirty as well? Here's that video btw:

    Stupid and loud Iba is always a joy to see, but I do like it when the Onmyoji series explores more parts of the spirit's lives and personalities. :D

    I have a burning need of getting something that features Onikiri's "true" form too. That for of his is really sexy and I adore the exposed chest! Onikiri's beauty mark is an interesting signature trait as well. I really like how no matter which form Onikiri is in, his beauty mark remains.

    And lol, they probably counted both of those things for Shuten's height because Shuten himself probably demanded it. I remember in an episode from the Hundred Spirits Kindergarten that Shuten got triggered over the realization of how short he is. It wouldn't surprise me if Idol Shuten had a mild height complex too. XD But yeah, Shuten wouldn't be Shuten without his shortness. ^^'
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    13 days ago
    okami3413 days ago#103957946Snip

    In terms of favourites, Otake will always be my ultimate, but you wouldn't think so with the amount of Iba merch I have. The other day I actually took a picture of my current setup (I was complaining about it more than anything lol) View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.ibb.co/wCTSSCg/474-B10-EC-DC8-E-4768-8-AB9-C5652-DDE75-D0.jpgand it really is a borderline Iba shrine; last time I checked I had more merchandise of him than any other character.

    DilyDali is great, she's probably the biggest fan of Iba I've ever seen in the fanbase, but I totally get it. She did this video and it's one of my favourites, especially the Shu tit slap:

    She also did this one of Itto from Genshin Impact and Iba, and I could watch this forever I LOVE Iba's laugh: twitter.com/Rat....

    I would say Iba's calmer than Shu, that's for sure. The only time you only ever see Iba loud is when Shu's around, but remove him from Iba and he's quite calm. You can kind of see it as well in Hundred Spirits when Otake was introduced, and Shu was always irritated by him, but Iba was OK with him and even played with him in the last episode of season 4.

    That episode with the height...I love it, he's SO cute. Iba still eggs him on about his height in future episodes, so he's always being made fun of for being a shorty ;u;
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    13 days ago
    kuailiang13 days ago#103960369Snip

    Ah, Ootake is actually your top fave? I didn't realize due to the lack of merch you have for him compared to Iba. Still, I had a close feeling that Ootake was close 2nd favorite.

    Also, what don't you like about your current Onmyoji-themed set up? :o

    DilyDali is a girl, I was lowkey under the impression that she was a dude. ^^' Her love for Iba and sexy men in general does seem to be unrivaled. I was browsing through Twitter and I came across her reaction to some fanart of Ibaraki that she seemingly bought from an artist on Twitter as a comm.


    Though I'm not too crazy about her excitement over ships, I will admit that her posts are overall funny and her chibi art is cute so I gave her a follow, lol.

    That video that you added into your other reply was pretty funny though, especially the Shuten tit slap. I like how she has Seimei bribing SP Iba with Shuten just like how Seimei from "A Useless Onmyoji Family" did a that as well to keep SP Iba from leaving and to make him keep farming. You can find that fun bit in episode 4 in season 3. ;D

    Ah, so Ibaraki is actually only hyper when Shuten is around? I can somewhat see why. And true, Shuten didn't seem to like Ootake all that much. But, I'm happy that Shuten eventually decided to be Ootake's friend in the end. ^^

    I do like how Shuten's height was a reoccurring joke just like how Hakuzousu was constantly teased about looking like a dog. (I really want to see see him get a figure someday. ^^)

    Btw, that video from that Twitter link that you shared with me almost reminded me of how well Iba and Itto would vibe with each other. They have similar designs and they seem to both be himbos to a degree. Wouldn't it be amazing of Genshin Impact and Onmyoji collabed with each other someday? :D
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