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    16 days ago • Updated 15 days ago
    Well, I Got My Package In The Mail 20 days ago at the time of writing.

    And After a while, i suddenly found myself hunting down another one. Specifically, Inuyama Aoi from Yuru Camp. I've checked online, and her pre-orders are closed. So, can I buy a figurine after the pre-orders are closed? or are the pre-orders just reservations? Also, if anyone has this figure, Do You have any comments?

    Thanks a lot!
    "Panzer Vor!!"-Yukari Akiyama
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    16 days ago
    Yeah you can, but not from Good Smile. Once their preorders close that's it unless they do a rerelease.
    Check other sites, and don't forget to check local sellers. There's a list of official Good Smile partner shops on their site, one of those may still be taking preorders.
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