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    Thought it would be good to move suggestions here rather than in the comments. (also, some ground rules for suggesting things here hehe)
    Note: If you see anything against the guidelines (I use a mass editor so occasionally things will slip through) please let me know! I'll edit it as soon as I can.


    o No content tagged as NSFW, or highly suggestive content of underage characters. I don't really want it associated with the club. Artistic nudity is case by case.

    o Nothing from lxlicon/shxtacon/general NSFW concentrated sources. In general, I don't want anything NSFW related on here.

    o absolutely ZERO blatantly racist/blackface characters. Unfortunately, there are entries on here that reflect this, and needless to say it’s. well. Bad. (an example being the Joy Max Nendoroid, look up to your own discretion)

    Good question! It depends, but here are some good examples of curly hair in items:


    (preferably the puffy type, but perfect circle afros are cool too!)

    EXAMPLES: ITEM #24356, ITEM #20652, ITEM #1181176

    Hair Drills

    (Think Kasane Teto!)

    EXAMPLES: ITEM #1242822, ITEM #1214985

    Curly Bobs/Puffy Bobs

    (Creamy Mami, Okamura Haru)

    EXAMPLES: ITEM #1230296 ITEM #1213742 ITEM #1188260

    Huge Puffy Hair

    (not necessarily the most curly, BUT its got the curves)

    EXAMPLES: ITEM #1181398

    I’ll probably add more types/examples as time goes on but in general these are auto accepted.

    On the contrary, here’s some entries that don’t apply:

    o Straight hair (there’s plenty of characters with straight hair. Come on man just give us this one thing)

    o Straight hair with an ahoge (one curly strand usually at the top)

    o Items of straight-haired characters with hair flowing/spread out so it seems semi-curled

    o Items of usually curly haired characters that don’t have curly hair

    o Items where a curly haired character is labeled but NOT featured prominently on the item (ie an album with only the series logo on it, a giant crowd shot where they’re barely in frame/extremely tiny)

    o Items that are themed around a curly-haired character but do NOT feature an image of the character with curly hair (think SuperGroupies-type items where it’s not obvious its anime-related). This also includes symbols of the character that don’t feature anything related to their curls.

    Now that the obvious entries are covered, here’s some that depend on the situation:

    Wavy haired/curled at the end

    (ENTRY #1944 Nami from one piece (post-timeskip) is a good example)

    If it has a slight curl at the end, or it’s in general wavy, it in general doesn’t count but again, really depends.

    Wavy haired/Extremely loose curls

    (ITEM #22321 has this type of hair)

    It matches the wavy hair lovers club better, check them out here! CLUB #1249

    “Fluffy” hair

    (See Midoriya Izuku, Akira Kurusu)

    The hair isn’t really curly on these figures but they definitely look fluffy, so I can get the connection. I love the hair; someone should make a fluffy hair club!! (I’m not doing it I’m going crazy from adding these lol)


    Thanks for reading my insane rambling, I hope this helps! Again, if you see anything in the club that goes against the guidelines, let me know!

    All the best,

    Jelly (your insane club admin)
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