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  • Bunnkin
    BunnkinRegular Boarder • lv10
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    1 month ago
    hello! not selling anything but im looking Tomato Chan 1/7 (Snail Shell) for a good price! please let me know if you've seen her for sale or are willing to sell!
  • QueenofYlisse
    QueenofYlisseRegular Boarder • lv5
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    1 month ago • Updated 1 month ago
    Bunnkin1 month ago#102850284hello! not selling anything but im looking Tomato Chan 1/7 (Snail Shell) for a good price! please let me know if you've seen her for sale or are willing to sell!

    I'm not sure what the going rate for her is but she's in stock at BBTS for $150!
  • Yoimiyae
    YoimiyaeRegular Boarder • lv5
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    1 month ago
    I am looking for the Myethos 1/8 scale of Seele Vollerei from 2017. I am located in the USA.


    Please message me if you are selling her, I've looked everywhere and couldn't find her for sale on any of the big figure websites.
  • aineedyuu
    aineedyuuRegular Boarder • lv10
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    1 month ago
    Hi all! This Springfield figure was recently announced by APEX;


    Figure Details - t.co/bIplFRL7Dc...

    I am not interested in the character but I am looking to place an order so I can have the counter, chair, apron and coffee accessories.

    I'm looking for someone who would be interested in buying the figure, faceplates and gun accessories from me. You would also get the Order Bonus, as I don't play Girls Frontline.

    I'll only be ordering her if I hear from someone who is interested, so please PM me and we can discuss the price! I'm located in the US so shipping the parts to the US would be easiest/cheapest. This offer is still available so long as this post isn't crossed out. Thank you!
  • mayu-chan
    mayu-chanRegular Boarder • lv8
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    1 month ago
    Hi guys, im selling my Myethos National Treasure figure Silver Sachet with Grape Flower and Bird for 160€ from France (shipping and paypal fees not include).

    The figure is brand new, box opened but not damaged !

    Pm if interested (and for photos !):)

    Selling for EU only pls
  • rol9nd
    rol9ndRegular Boarder • lv6
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    1 month ago • Updated 1 month ago
    Selling Nichirin Studio Demon Slayer Nezuko Kamado 1/6 figure for $500 incl shipping. Continental US only. Brand new and still sealed in box. Purchased by mistake and wasn't allowed to cancel pre-order.

    Please pm for pictures. Thank you.
  • Desso
    DessoRegular Boarder • lv7
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    1 month ago
    Desso2 months ago#101085860Yo! Selling my Kiana Kaslana Fairy of the Fountain ver. 1/8 by MiHoYo. Displayed in a detolf, like new. The box however was a bit bent from shipping. US$140 + Shipping from Singapore.
  • Valinore
    ValinoreRegular Boarder • lv6
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    24 days ago • Updated 23 days ago
    Selling my like new Arknights Skyfire figure by APEX, $190 + shipping. Only ever kept in detolf, comes with box in good condition.

    PM for pics!
  • HonyXOtaku
    HonyXOtakuRegular Boarder • lv15
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    24 days ago
    I SELL Arknights Skyfire - apex 210€ shipping includet to eu. she is opened with box, like new.
  • Lyncfs
    LyncfsRegular Boarder • lv19
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    24 days ago
    Lyncfs1 month ago#102682596Selling Bible Bullet - Nidhogg in good condition for $200 plus shipping. US only. She is a bit hard to assemble, but stable once assembled. Comes with box which will have wear and tear.
    Pics on ebay

    Still selling. Price reduced to $180 plus shipping. US only.
  • EgoEagle
    EgoEagleRegular Boarder • lv9
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    18 days ago
    Selling Azur Lane - Unicorn - 1/7 - Azur Lane Unicorn Spring's Present Haru no Rei 1/7 Complete Figure (Hobby Max) - $150 + shipping

    Figure and Box in excellent condition. US only. Message for shipping price or pics
  • Raizo94
    Raizo94Regular Boarder • lv5
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    17 days ago
    Selling My miHoYo 1/8 Official Honkai Impact 3 Yae Sakura Flame Sakitama.
    Asking $280 + Shipping

    Figure Was Displayed For a few months, both figure and box are in excellent condition. Message me for Shipping price and Images.
  • solidsnake994
    solidsnake994Regular Boarder • lv25
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    17 days ago • Updated 17 days ago
    Selling Houkai 3rd - Nina Rossweisse Maid of Celestia - 1/8 Scale.

    $175 w/ shipping + tracking + Paypal fees included.


    PM if interested.
  • T2fan
    T2fanRegular Boarder • lv10
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    16 days ago • Updated 16 days ago
    Selling Party Look - Shinobu Sakura 1/4
    Brand new and sealed.
    180€, ship for Eur 18€ and not include. Eur Only
    PM if interested.
  • Valinore
    ValinoreRegular Boarder • lv6
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    6 days ago • Updated 6 days ago
    Selling Arknights Skyfire 1/7 by APEX for $200 + shipping + paypal fees.

    Kept in great condition with original box and keychain, only ever displayed in a detolf away from sunlight.
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