The NSFW POTD ClubNSFW POTD Club Photo Challenge #11 - Risque Reflections!

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    16 days ago
    Greetings members!

    It's time for another photo challenge and I've been talking with the man in the mirror and he has told me that the next one is about some Risque Reflections!

    Theme: Risque Reflections
    Photo submission deadline: 6th October 2021

    1) To be eligible, the photo must fit all the club criteria as described on the main club page under the section for "NSFW POTD Selection Rules" (NSFW pic, user created content, etc).

    2) The photo must also fit the "Risque Reflections" theme. Some ideas to consider might be partially nude (topless, nopan, etc) or nearly/fully nude figures, steamy antics in front of the bathroom mirror, nude shots reflecting from water, a sexy selfie or an ero style shot using reflective material! Be creative and show us your best NSFW Risque Reflections photos!

    3) To enter, upload your photo to the MFC site, and then link it here in a reply to this thread.

    4) Entries are limited to 1 photo per person.

    5) If necessary, you can change or modify your entry (by editing your reply) until the submission deadline.

    At the end of the submission period, this thread will be locked, and then voting will be opened to allow members to select their favorite entry. The voting will likely run from the 7th to 14th of October. The winning photo will then be displayed on the NSFW POTD club page until the next contest ends.

    Don't forget if you've done a picture already that matches the theme, then why not enter it? It does not have to be new shots, any shot is eligible to enter as long as it matches the theme and criteria. ;)
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    13 days ago • Updated 12 days ago
  • Eschasintra
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    12 days ago • Updated 12 days ago
    First contribution, glad to be part of this challenge. Had to use one of my old pictures since I'm sadly in the middle of moving out and don't really have time to take pictures now. Might have been better if it showed the whole figure but I liked the fact that we could focus on a part reflected through the mirror.

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    8 days ago
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