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    27 days ago • Updated 26 days ago
    Entries that need their version converted to the proper classification (assuming most/all items under this version are under the product line and not misalabled)

    Entries under either Bandai's HG Series or HGIF series:

    Entries under Yujin's (or Takara Tomy/Etc. later on) SR Series:

    Working on this as I am able. Would appreciate help. Will add more entries with this issue as I find them.
  • tharglet
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    27 days ago
    Well, I could possibly cobble together a script to update a list of stuff if wanted. Would make it less onerous than updating one-by-one if there's a lot to go through.

    Am a VIB, so can do it through my account.
  • Impedanz
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    17 days ago • Updated 17 days ago

    It's possible there are more Re-ment items with this problem.


    Holy... there are!
  • TheCringeMaster
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    1 day ago • Updated 19 hours ago
    This is an issue with Yujin's entries, shame that most of them are closed entries so I can't fix them:

    There's also Yamato's entries, but search functions aren't working in my favour. Term is "Figure Collection."
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