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    20 days ago • Updated 20 days ago
    Hi everyone! Welcome to Miku's famclub. Today's question of the day is what is your favorite Miku figure?

    For me it would have to be ITEM #945860. I love the OG Miku nendoroid doll, and I try to take her with me when I travel to take photos. When I first got her, I didn't really like her all that much because her clothes were such a pain to deal with... Even now it annoys me that not all nendoroid doll clothes have the hole in the back.


    I also love Myethos Miku so much. If she arrived already I would've probably placed her as my favorite instead. I ordered her from Akimomo and she should hopefully be coming in a week!

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    18 days ago
    Mine has got to be Item #1206385 she was an insta pre order for me, I just absolutely love the MLP bishoujo collection and when I saw they added Miku I was so hyped
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    18 days ago
    I lovee item/61333! she's such a simple figure but I think that she's 100% one of the best mikus. her design is really nice, especially for me as I'm not into mikus that go too far from the original design. I feel like she stays in the "miku" design range, if you know what I mean. I also realllly like her base, it's simple but interesting enough to where it's not just a flat boring circle. it fits well with her sculpt and flowing hair!
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