Rem Fan ClubHow many Rem figures do you have?

  • Tomas_C
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    12 days ago • Updated 12 days ago
    I have 8 figures of her. 4 scale figures and 4 prize figures. And i have 4 scale figures pre-ordered.
    Gonna visit an anime store in a bigger city in Belgium soon so i might come back with a few Rem prize figures. Time to size up the collection with prize-figures. I wanna make an army of just Rem figures lol.


    I have this Rem resin statue on pre-order aswell. Beautiful and based on the Sloth:IF story. Don't try to look on MFC, this one isn't in the database.


    Also getting a lot of random merch lately: from clear files, keychains, clothing, posters, a wall scroll to even a sleepmask.

    I feel like i will only get more and more merch now, there's just so much Rem and you can never have enough Rem.
  • soratsukii
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    7 days ago
    I used to have a lot of rem figures (mostly prizes and mini figures) but I've been selling all my rem figs off cuz I got tired of seeing the same figures every day for 8 months lol...now I only got 4 rems and 2 rams (gunna sell the rems). Also need space and money for new figures so oh well.

    Just can't seem to stick to a figs for a long time...I get tired of figures so easily lol
    currently selling: LIST #174543 | profile/soratsu...

    Find me on ebay: www.ebay.ca/usr...

    bargain hunter :)
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