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    12 years ago • Updated 12 years ago
    kilanilol I like him too..

    View spoilerHide spoilerWith bullets through it's disgusting little body.

    This danbooru.donmai... pool is especially delicious!

    Usually I like evil characters but the torture it puts the girls through is just too much for me.

    At first I was like... the fuck?!
    But then I FTW'd.
    Die Glocke, sie ertönt. Bis in die unendliche Zukunft. Fliege hoch, hoch in den Himmel. Auch wenn du keine Flügel hast.
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    12 years ago
    Ah, I'm sorry. It's understandable if you hate QB really, especially if View spoilerHide spoiler he tricked you into becoming mahou shoujo.. I suppose it's something us common folk will never understand *dramatic sigh*
    Ara ara ufufu~
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    12 years ago
    As a male I would certainly not become a puella but....

    (Darth Vader-ish voice) Kyuubey I'm your father, search your feelings you'll know the truth. Rule the galaxy by my side! (Death Star pops out of nowhere)

    A lot of women are far more efficient in putting themselves into tortures than Kyu, so I wouldn't blame him so much xp
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    11 years ago
    I'm male, but given the chance, I would - I'd wish that my soul gem was perpetually self-purifying. F*ck you QB.

    I would then put that little shit in a paint shaker.
    I refuse to believe that Bard is a useful class.
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    11 years ago
    I'd wish for entropy to be solved. It'd solve everyone's problems.

    Oh, and some people actually do like Kyubey. I ended up having a small discussion with someone at Minamicon who refused to back down about Kyubey being cute and cuddly and not much else. She was pretty much up to date too but still kept that feeling somehow. I don't quite get it.
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    11 years ago
    I like Kyubey for the skeevy bastard that he is.
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    11 years ago
    C221I like Kyubey for the skeevy bastard that he is.
    Please marry me
    Ara ara ufufu~
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    11 years ago
    my wish is i dun want my heart to be taken by majo and emotion..

    i want the ability of invisible..
    and i want Mobile suit as my weapon..
    ahaha ^^
    Even alone, I’ll go on, even if it’s painful
    I’ll definitely take along the dream I saw with you

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    11 years ago
    For all those that need to take their anger out on something :3 Go here!

    Haha, in all seriousness, my Magical Shounen would be strictly business and I'd rock a full, head to toe, pinstripe suit. My weapon of choice?

    A mix of Mami and Homu powers right here but, the ability to summon unlimited Itacha 37's. Why not? ^-^
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    11 years ago
    C221I like Kyubey for the skeevy bastard that he is.

    Me too! X33333
    But I tend to like evil/troll chara, and can't resist a kitten, so... QB and Charlotte for the win! *;* (and despiste loving Charlotte, Mami is my fave hiihihhi x3)

    Btw, I'd wish for an unlimited genie, like Alladin got after releasing his i,i
    And if he didn't give it to me, I'd let him have a little talk with MY kitten (she's evil and will rule the universe one day... The plan is just on hold coz she naps a lot xp ). OR I could wish for the power to grant my own wishes i,i
    Anne Brito

    VOCÊ pode salvar uma vida! ->www.responsabil...

    Sou só uma, mas ainda assim sou uma.
    Não posso fazer tudo, mas posso fazer alguma coisa.
    E por, não poder fazer tudo, não deixarei de fazer o pouco q posso.

    Nada + Nada = NADA
    Pouco + Pouco = MUITO
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    11 years ago
    akmb1987 used Thread Necromancy! It was super effective!

    Getting to the point- I would wish to have ~time magic~ - because seriously ~time magic~ (and I would look like a mixture between HomuHomu & Cure Rhythm, and fight with golf clubs because that is a true hero's weapon)

    Or, more likely, I would NOPE the heck out of there. QB freaks me the heck out... I actually 'liked' him more after knowing what it was exactly was going on- once I knew I could actually justify disliking him instead of just being like "dang that's creepy", it was okay (I didn't feel so guilty, at least). ((Tangentially) Relevant TVTrope, click at own risk - tvtropes.org/pm... (That is relevant to like everything I ever did think though))

    View spoilerHide spoilerI probably could of forgiven him if he was just doing it for the lulz, but emotion as a power source is pretty evil, even for an alien that doesn't have concept of emotions. This is why people can justify xenophobia, silly aliens.

    Also dang is that QB shooting game fun. Not as fun as the "Everybody hates QB" pool on danboouru, but pretty darn fun.

    (Alternate Wish: To abort all of QB's species from time forever - although that still kinda comes under ~time magic~ doesn't it?) (Alternate Alternate Wish: To be a pretty princess, because that should be somebody's wish, right?)
  • Travcon
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    11 years ago
    Wish: To be turned into a nice little girl so i could become a magical girl

    Powers: Kawaii powers. I am so cute that every witch i come in contact with blushes and just give me their seeds, like how old ladies give out hard candy

    Weapon: Freddie Mercury. I would just hang out with him. He will be stoic like in cro-high and we would be friends. I don't need a real weapon, i am to kawaii remember?

    Outfit: This one I don't know. If I was put on the spot to pick a outfit here is what I would describe how I want it to look. Fist off, rainbow overalls with some a purple skirt. My shirt would be a lighter purple and my hair would be in some kawaii fashion like Homura's but not grey, it would be white. Why white? Because I'm pure. My soul gem would be pale type of purple, that when not in Magical girl form would be a ring that I wear around my neck with a gold chain.

    It will be glorious, me and Freddie will become demi-gods with our powers. Second only to Madoka.

    That's what i would do.
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    7 years ago • Updated 7 years ago
    Wish: To have angel wings (Black ones tho)

    Powers: To, once I am done with this world, I can protect my friends by extanging my soul gem for a bunch of swords like Erza has from Fairy Tail (www.google.com/...). I won't become a witch and kill people once i'm done.

    Weapon: Bow/dual daggers/sword/lance

    Outfit: This is a hard one but i would go with a basic school uniform so i wouldn't have to stop being a magical girl and i could use my powers all the time and not be questioned about wearing a hot pink dress to school :3

    P.S. I'm writing a fanfic about this soon where the reader is friends with mami.
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